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    Calgary, Alberta

    The Bosch unit has a hose that attaches to a vacuum, so there’s no battery required. The beauty of the DeWalt one that I posted (and the Bosch one that was just released) is you can still easily see where you’re drilling.

    Ah ok, that rings a bell to me now. I do see the advantage of the battery powered vac to be huge if I were doing a lot of installs like you. I wonder if you could attach the new Bosch to a battery powered vac? I have the dewalt 20v vacuum (not the hammer vac) and I bet suction wise it would work well.

    Dallas, TX

    The Bosch one is below. I just don’t like how difficult it would be to see the holes you need to drill. The opening is so small.

    The DeWalt one has a much larger opening.

    I’ve got the 20v DeWalt vac too (but without the cord) so that may be a good combination. I was just trying to stay away from having to carry in so much stuff.

    The beauty of that Bosch and DeWalt one though is you don’t have a hose or vacuum hanging onto your drill. That might be the best option.

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Viewing 2 posts - 21 through 22 (of 22 total)
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