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    @DirtyWhiteBoy so I tried out the 1-3/8″ nails and I guess I kind of verified your gripe. The pic shows a variety of mail strikes, most are proud. I found the no mar tip too. So, for some of the shots, the ones that are proud, I just kissed the wood with the gun. For the ones that are sunk, I pressed really hard with the no mar tip, which incidentally, worked quite well. When pressing hard, the nails sunk. I haven’t messed with the adjustment yet but I’m okay with that as long as I have a no mar tip as it will damage the finished product otherwise.

    I still don’t have a working 23 ga. pinner. I went to get the pinner from WoodCraft on Saturday and the guy couldn’t find it. Maybe the Makita rep picked it up but the people in the shop have no idea where it is. I talked to Makita USA and action was taken. I’m still hoping for a positive outcome.
    The word I’m getting is it won’t sink the Portacable pins but will sink some other brands. The Portacable have a lot of glue on them???

    Stinks you still don’t have this pinner. I guess it’s possible that it is just the portercable pins. Did you ever try any other brands?

    No I didn’t. The WoodCraft store being a Makita ProCenter could have done that for me and but they wanted me to but a 30$ box of Grex pins to see <strong class=”d4pbbc-bold”>IF they would work… Really??

    That’s not right. They could have ate a $30 box of pins to make a customer happy.


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    Honolulu,, Hi.

    You’d think they would want to know what pins the gun will shoot.

    Honolulu,, Hi.

    Dont get me wrong if it says it will shoot 1-3/8 pins it should sink them. But in actuality how often will you actually use pins that long?

    For me, it’s most of the time.

    Typically when I use my pinner it is to cross nail a miter joint or to tack two pieces together while glue dries. Most of the time, I need the extra length of the 1 3/8″ pins, but I do have each of the smaller sizes available if necessary.

    Well the Makita rep. from Buford Ga. did call me about 6 months ago and told me that 2 new guns were dropped at my door and should be there. When I got home there were 2 new XTP02 guns there. I have used them a lot sense then and they work very good. They sink the pins all the time and are a dream to use.


    Recently I’ve wondered if it is better to wait at least for revision 2 of any given tool. XTP01 had issues leaving the longer length pins proud. XTP02 doesn’t. Makita took care of the issue splendidly, but it took a little time.

    I just bought four Makita LXT tools, all first revision X***01 straight out of the gate. Like I said, I’m wondering if it would have been better for me to wait until X***02 on these nifty little things.

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