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    Hello everyone,

    I have a couple of questions for the laminate floor experts. I am laying laminate flooring in a trailer. This is a 4 season trailer which is lived in year round. Should I lay vapour barrier? and I will be laying this laminate in a 20×10 bedroom. The bedroom exits to a hallway which already has laminate in it. At the entrance of the bedroom there is 2 closets 1 on each side of the door. Should I start at the back of the room and work toward the door and closets or should I start in the door (which I think might be easier to undercut and cut and lay flooring and work towards the far wall? Any help would be appreciated.




    I don’t think vapour barrier is required. Particularly if there is one under the flood next to the insulation. But the underpad is. It’s a thin foam that prevents the laminate from slapping the subfloor and making noise when you walk on it.
    Usually you run the length of the floor with the longest axis of the room (along the 20′ length) for a better look. I have found, through experience, that you want to end the flooring job where the most traffic occurs. That way, if there is ever a problem, it’s easier to pull up instead of having to pull the whole floor. Removing it and reinstalling it from the first row you put in is a royal pain. Don’t ask me how I know this…lol.
    You’re going to need a gap all around it, that means removing the base board or adding a quarter round to the existing base board. It’s a pretty easy job though. Thicker board is better. I have 7mm and it is not as nice as the 12mm I put in another room.

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    I don’t think the vapor barrier would do something in your case.
    Just the underpad. And go for the 1/2″ laminate.


    Here’s a thought….contact the manufacturer of the trailer and or the laminate manufacturer and ask them what they think. Can’t hurt. I think…lol.

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