Kreg, Domino or both?

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    Hey, I’m new to woodworking and would like your opinions on the Kreg and Domino systems. I kinda like the Domino but price and strength are something I;m concerned about. I know the Kreg system produces strong connections but the holes are unsightly.

    Can I hear your opinions on each and any strengths or weaknesses for each. Thanks!

    Foam Lake, SK

    They kinda do the same thing but are kinda different as well. What are you going to be using them for?

    I purchased the domino as in the end I want it for my kitchen reno for making boxes (it does this amazingly well, getting a perfectly aligned box is EASY) and for face frame joinery with knowing I also want to use it for other furniture as well.

    I think the kreg is nice for attaching face frames, but is not as versatile.

    Brad T
    Self employed Pro since 2014!!


    It really depends on what you are working on.

    I don’t have a domino. But it is the same as cutting a mortise and tenon.

    For a show piece item, use the mortise and tenon. For quick build or or cabinet carcasses, use kreg.

    When I built the corner trim for my siding on the shed, I used kreg and biscuits. The screws kept it tight will the glue dried and I didn’t have to wait.

    I am not a pro. But I play one at home.

    I am just here for l-boxx porn.


    Think of the domino as structural biscuits. They fit tighter and are more precise. For cabinet box construction I use both screws and dominos.

    For quick face frames a simple pocket screws is still the fastest method imho. Now if you can’t hide the pockets, then glue and dominos make a tight, strong joint.

    For edge glue ups a domino can’t be beat. Make the mortise, glue it up, and clamp it. They align panels and add strength to the joint.

    I definitely use the domino more than my old biscuit jointer, but I would say I use pocket screws alone a little more than my domino.


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    Kreg’s pocket hole system is quick, easy to use, and inexpensive compared to the Domino. The drawback is when both sides of the piece will show. You don’t want a pocket hole screw divot showing (I know they have plugs) so the Domino would be one way to go in that case. Each has its uses.

    Colorado Springs, CO

    I used the kreg system to build my daughters desk. Worked really well for that. I used the things to fill the holes with it and don’t think it turned out bad for my first project. It really is a fairly Simple system. If I could justify it, I would like the Domino though.


    First the kreg is cheap and gets the job done . The domino is on my to buy list . I use to have an old skil biscuit joiner but it’s done .

    Main thing is the domino is hidden joint . So furniture needs those type of joints . This is a wainscoting job i did with kreg .

    Always willing to learn .

    Bloomington, IN

    I think the high points have been addressed with the Kreg already. I can’t add too much, just that I own a K5 system and love it. It does make unsightly holes which will either need to be hidden or plugged.

    I would say the main advantages over the Domino aside from cost is that it doesn’t require clamping/glue drying time and it s therefore faster. That said, I generally apply glue to the Kreg joint before screwing for added strength.

    Jon P.
    Timber Carpentry & Construction


    I like the mortise and tenon it doesn’t take long if you have the machines.


    Thanks everyone. I think I’ll go with the Kreg for now and IF my skills increase I may buy the Domino.

    Foam Lake, SK

    I’ve got an older kreg jig, with no clamps, and I didn’t have a good table or work area at the time, so it didn’t get used a lot. I guess I should give it another chance now that I have more experience and better understanding of what it does.

    For production the gluing and clamping with the domino does slow you down, but the alignment and speed at which they get assembled is incredibly fast. i have only done one set of boxes and I dominoed and screw (non kreg jig)

    Brad T
    Self employed Pro since 2014!!

    Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

    I have the Kreg and it is a good system.

    If you plan ahead, you can often hide the holes.

    If it is paint grade work, fill the holes with Bondo.


    If it is paint grade work, fill the holes with Bondo.

    Hey, speaking of Bondo, has anyone tried this product?

    Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty

    I was working on a project for my mother-in-law and they had the Durham’s putty. I like the fact it’s powder and you just add water. Got a can and has been using the product ever since.


    I use this jig 90 % of the time .

    Always willing to learn .


    I have both and as others have said, they both have their uses. There are times though that the Domino will work where the pocket screws will not.

    Mark E.

    Pioneer, CA

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    @maukarunner – do you know which specific kreg jig you are thinking about getting? I have the K4MS and am glad I own it, but I kinda wished I had the K5 model instead

    John S

    Foam Lake, SK

    @maukarunner – do you know which specific kreg jig you are thinking about getting? I have the K4MS and am glad I own it, but I kinda wished I had the K5 model instead

    I’d be interested to here your thoughts on why the K5 and what kind of stuff you have done were the K4 fell short.

    Brad T
    Self employed Pro since 2014!!

    Colorado Springs, CO

    If I am not mistaken, the only advantage over the K4 is the auto adjusting camp.


    I thought the K5 was able to handle thicker wood than the K4 but I am probably confused and mistaken
    (edit: I was thinking about the KJHD)
    Are there any other differences between the K4 and K5?

    I really like my automaxx bench clamps and hadn’t realized the K5 came with an automaxx clamp – that is a nice upgrade

    John S

    Kamloops, BC

    There’s only a few differences between the K4 and 5; the dust port swivels on the K5, it has the Automaxx Clamping feature, a set up block, I think it has an improved flip stop, and it comes with the extension wings.
    Nothing truly revolutionary over the K4, but definitely some user friendly improvements.
    I’ve got the K4 and wish I had waited for the K5.

    Lurking Hit and Run poster.

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