Klein vs. Greenlee

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    Do you have any preferences on your hand tools? Or do you prefer another brand?

    John S


    You could add the brand “Ideal” to that list as well. I really go with whoever makes the best based on my purpose. Both of these companies have a line of low-voltage specific tools — network/Audio/video/security/etc.. cable strippers, testers, cutters, termination tools, etc..

    I really go with whoever makes the best design for usability / portability, etc.. , not brand loyal so much with hand tools. And price is relatively not an option, for that type of stuff. The time savings / efficiency will pay for itself day after day, over and over!


    I don’t have greenlee.but here there great.klien
    Hand tools for me. And like Dave said ideal


    Dave do you do electrical wiring?


    Yes and No.

    Low voltage contractor (professional… Not the guys that work out of the trunk of their station wagon 🙂

    We do Commercial network / Security / Audio / Video / CCTV / Phone / Access control


    Dave – which tools do you prefer Ideal for?

    John S


    They make really nice crimpers (old style hex with different die sets), and the VDV tester let’s you tone individual pins and/or pairs, and also the Stripmaster strippers for coax for some uses.

    They also make the link master pro cable tester with 8 remotes, which saves a ton of time on the larger jobs (saves a lot of walking!)

    By the way… Greenlee bought Progressive Electronics, which I am a big fan of their tone/probe kits.


    When it comes to screwdrivers – Klein or Greenlee??

    John S


    Thats great Dave. I also do that with the company i work for. I also do it on the side.


    Klien tools for me, John.
    Dave the VDV tester from Ideal is great. I use it all the time.


    I really like my Klein stuff. The 6 in 1 screwdriver has been fantastic. Anything like screwdrivers and such, go right to the electrical tools. Made much better than the stuff for carpentry.


    Screwdriver? Bosch.

    That is, I used to carry craftsman stuff back in the day, but I really just use my 12v max drill and impactor and a smaller bosch bit box converted to hold all of m 1/4in assorted bits and nut drivers.
    I do however use the 1/8in the craftsman and Ideal screwdrivers with swivel caps., but in all honesty I am not happy with either. The craftsman ones I keep spares because ant side pressure and they snap in half (although when lifetime warranty), and the new from ideal, the tips wear/twist off due to them being made too thin on the ends. Still looking for a really nice (mini handle) with swivel in top.

    Jackson, TN

    I don’t prefer one over the other. They both are quality tool brands.


    Are any of you considering the new Milwaukee line of insulated screwdrivers?

    John S


    I saw them online and I’m seriously considering
    buying me the set

    Saint Francis, WI

    In my tool bag all of my screw and nut drivers and Klein. Also I really like their stripper and side cutting pliers. For other hand tools its really just personal preference, hand size, design, exe.

    Saint Francis, WI

    I also just picked up the Klein demo #3 slotted, its heavy but perfect for quick demo work.


    I definitely appreciate klein’s stuff, but I recently bought a little greenlee kit from lowe’s…


    has multimeter, voltage detector, and outlet tester – for $25!

    Not pro grade, but solid stuff

    John S

    Dewey, OK

    I usually buy Ideal electrical tools but since Lowes quit selling them I don’t know which ones I go to. Probably Klein.


    And Lowe’s looks like they are going to stop selling greenlee and knipex as well :\

    John S

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