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    holladay, TN
    Eastern shore of, Pa

    One of my all time favorites since my teen years…

    Very limited version of the song, but the lomg piano preambule was obviously cut over time.

    This was a nice evolution of it live with the sumptuous Beth Hart that can bang it it out …

    Here’s the one you all may have heard before…

    A guy revered by the likes of Clapton and Page for what he did with a guitar that no others could emulate/do. Yet, so un-recognised by the masses/maimstream.

    Mick and the boys paid homage here….

    But had to hire a wannabee Beck who was decent, but imo just wasn’t Beck.

    I’m a Stones fan, but that was not the best rendition of an OP song from them. You gonna do Beck, get it solid!

    I’m a big fan of Bret Hart who often vocals for Jeff Beck… saw this link also to her performing with Jeff at the Kennedy Honours for one of my also faves, Buddy Guy, same night they were also inducting Led Zeppelin,

    Seen Buďdy Guy a few tines in the late 70s early 80s . I even had the opportunity to talk to him in between sets. I was so enamored with his performance and he recipocated likewise to talk to me at his performances at Albert’s Hall in Toronto I relish as a fond memory to this day

    Buddy wasn’t yet revered for his work yet back then, which obvipusly he was later, but he was seen by me as a true bluesman and great guy to talk to about the blues back then, He has a great 60s album that I highly recommend called ‘My Time After A While’. Been listening to it’s tracks for decades now of and on as they pop up in my random music plays.

    holladay, TN
    Belleville, ON

    Charlie Pride passed away on December 12, 2020. He died of Covid-19. May he rest in peace. I grew up listening to him as a kid as my parents listened to country music. This song I posted was my Grandma’s favorite.

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Viewing 5 posts - 401 through 405 (of 405 total)
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