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    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Does Bosch has or planning on an Lboxx that is stackable with a radio and charger like Dewalt has?

    That would be really nice.

    Is the way various chargers from different manufacturers “proprietary” technology?

    Why can’t Bosch, or someone else come up with “charging attachment kits” for each tool brand and let the consumer pick and choose?

    I am thinking on the inside of the Lboxx, along the perimeter, wouldn’t it be nice if you can buy 1 Bosch charger attachment kit, 1 Dewalt kit, and 2 Milwaukee kit, and they all can be attached to the inside perimeter of an Lboxx. I am assuming the actual “electrcial gut” of all the brands’ multiple chemistry chargers are similar, the only difference is the geometry, configuration and contacts on the actual batteries socket themselves? If so why not make one specific socket for each brand battery that is attachable to the Lboxx? That is also how you store the batteries when it’s not plugged in.

    Throw in some bluetooth and radio features.

    Also a retractable 120V power cord. You pull them out or it retracts into the body like a tape measure. Nothing to bunch and tie up every time you use it. Add in four receptacles one on each side of the box.

    Landgraaf, The Netherlands

    Nice plan. You need a l-boxx 4 or even bigger to plant it all in.
    Sortimo has an l-boxx 4 with power in and out and i believe 2 sockets in de box. No rectractle hose type powercord but enough room too put the cord in and a few chargers. 12v radio from bosch isn’t that big and could fit as well. You can even put a retractacle in it but you need extra space.

    Bluetooth in the radio native would be a nice thing i have the charger radio from bosch and that is the only thing i really miss on it.


    Next one is a prototype with 1 powerbox and the second box filled with lithium battery’s for jobsites without power.


    New Franklin, OH

    I personally think it would be nice if a universal battery was made to fit all brands.

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    I personally think it would be nice if a universal battery was made to fit all brands.

    That would be nice but I doubt it will or TTI who owns Milwaukee, Ridgid brand, Ryobi would have done it already. There are DIY battery adapter kits from one brand to another available on eBay but they are not reliable and throw the weight distribution of the tool out the window.

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Was thinking more about the universal battery and I think the main reason it hasn’t happened is the battery may be the most key piece on the entire cordless “ecosystem”. That’s what create the stickiness to a certain brand, perhaps even more so then the brand name, and they probably make more money from the batteries and chargers.

    The two biggest things that need to have some standardization are tool battery and laser printer ink cartridges.

    It may take an outside company to make and sell different batteries that are compatible with Dewalt, Bosch, Marita. Milwaukee, Festool etc at half the price to bring the wall down…or a tool manufacturer that owns multiple brands that isn’t afraid of cannibalism to standardize to one battery or at least have a universal charger or something.

    Thinking back to the beginning of the OMT tools where each brand having their own blades, their own interfaces, then we had the Fein adapter, the dremel adapter, the Bosch adapter…eventually the universal adapter, universal bladed, and finally the universal interface on many OMTs.

    May be it will happen in our life time…

    Or may be the battery technology will make leaps and bounces in the next few years, in terms of charging speed, size, that all tools will be dual corded or cordless, that the battery is actually integrated into the handle of the tool that is not even removable. You can use it as a cordless, or you can have a cord with charger built into it like the power supply of a laptop, then the other end of the cord simply plug into the handle to charge for 5 minutes to 100%, the cord plugs into the handle like how you plug a USB into a cell phone. Then the whole discussion of battery will go away, like no one cares which cell phone use what battery anymore when the integration is seamless.


    Also a retractable 120V power cord. You pull them out or it retracts into the body like a tape measure. Nothing to bunch and tie up every time you use it.

    Unlike a retractable cord in a household vacuum a jobsite tool is surrounded by dust and larger particulates and would be apt to drag in all sorts of jobsite debris as it recoils into the interior and likely causing the recoil mechanism too ultimately fail. I’d likely shy away from buying a jobsite intended radio with a retractable cord for that concern alone.

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    There is a lot of job site contaminates that would be problematic. However in my opinion the retractable feature and dealing with messy and dirty cords are not mutually exclusive.

    I am probably more OCD than some. I tend to wipe down my tools and cords as I break things down at the end of the day, simply because otherwise the boxes themselves get too dusty and dirty. I see a lot of people have customized foam in their toolboxes too. Those foam are difficult to clean if you put tools that’s dirty, dusty, smeared with adhesive or caulk etc…back in them. I think they most likely clean their tools too.

    Perhaps some design can be incorporated into the retracting mechanism? I have seen some retractable design with a brush like opening so the cord gets cleaned as it retracts. Personally I would clean the cord as it retracts back into the cradle.

    A tape measure is retractable. Plenty of time as I measure outdoor, on the ground, in the trenches, the tape gets wet, then dragged through dirt, mud and sand. I know it will ruin the retract mechanism if I retract that without cleaning it.

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