It's my birthday and you could get a present

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    Wawa, ON

    Before I get to the good stuff I want to point out that I have discussed this with Jim and got permission to do this, so thanks to Jim, Bosch and BTP forum.

    My birthday is on Feb 26. Every year it seems.

    Now, I don’t work outside of the shop much. I don’t need to travel around with many tools at the best of times.

    I have redeemed points for tools here and I love them. The 18v jig saw, and my new CLPK250-181L set each came with an L-Boxx-2. Cool items, but my work situation does not make the boxes needed.


    If you add to this post and start your reply with

    “I want in”

    I will use a random number generator and pick 2 posts. Then I will contact the posters for their shipping info and send them one of the boxes, on my dime. I will try to get them out by the end of March because I have to save up the money for shippin, no guarantees, but I WILL get them sent. For that reason I also have to limit this to continental U.S. and Canada. Sorry if you live outside these areas.

    I will be busy on my birthday, so this will go until the end of the month, Feb 28th, then pick the winners. If you do not start your post with “I want in”, I will pick another post.

    Which insert you get will be completely random, no choice. I will pack them in a box and I won’t even know who gets what insert.

    Good luck to all.

    Jim DaddyO

    My You Tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA5AretE3xPoVDV61AxUdUA

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    Sudbury, ON

    I want in.

    That’s a generous offer, and happy birthday in advance!

    I was about to pull the trigger on some lboxx’s, bit perhaps now I’ll hang on a little longer just incase.


    Cool idea Jim. Nice way to pay it forward in a way. I just gave away alĺ my tool inserts away last month as like yourself, I had no use for them either.

    I also have a bunch of L-Boxx 2s with no real purpose too, but I will likely find a purpose for them down the road for something.

    It’s L-Boxx 3 and 4s that I could use. I have a 3 on order from Atlas for my half sheet sander which should be arriving any day now with my Abranet order.

    Have fun with your draw. I think it’s cool and my hats off to you doing this. Something that enriches the forum community with a giving spirit is always a good thing.


    Wayne, NJ

    I want in on this also I have some drill inserts o don’t use also I can give those out I but the lboxx2s with inserts and used the boxes for something else and all the extra inserts I have I believe drill case I have is 4 piece I can give these out too I don’t have use for them


    Rogers, Ohio

    I want in.

    What a great (and generous) idea! I am slowly switching the majority of my tools over to L-boxxes. That is actually what I am saving up for now – more boxes.


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    North Bay, ON

    First of all, a very Happy Birthday to you!

    I’m like you too, Jim. I have an Lboxx1 for my 12v drill and driver and that’s all I really need. The rest of my tools are in drawers or on shelves to try to conserve space.

    The birthday give-away is a really good idea; congrats for your generosity. No doubt, there will be many deserving tradesmen lining up to win. The Lboxx system is so well designed for the tradesman on the move.

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    Mt Prospect, IL

    What a great gesture. Paying it forward to help out a brother or sister in the trades. Now that’s Being The Pro! Thanks @JimDaddyO



    Email us at bethepro@bethepro.com

    Holladay, Tn

    I want in.

    Great way of paying it forward Jim.
    I’m getting more and more of my tools in boxes now. Sure makes things easier at the sites.


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    The Emerald Triangle, Northern California

    “I Want In.”

    Or perhaps more politely, “I would like in”. 😆

    That’s very generous of you. I didn’t have any experience with the L-Boxx lineup until about a year ago, but I really like them now. Sure has helped to organize the shop and work truck.

    I’d be happy to pay for shipping, if I get drawn. I’m not super computer literate, so I’m not familiar with what options are out there, but if there is a system, like Paypal, I’d be happy to do that.


    Goin' Down In Flames........

    Akron, OH

    Happy Birthday in advance!!

    I do not want in, as I am using other boxes and haven’t even figured out exactly how I want to use them yet.

    halifax, nova scotia

    happy birthday jimbo

    and yes it is a cool gesture..what if not a member but similar to the iwk thread what if we created a list of charities they could go to such as habitat for humanity or build american and what not

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit

    Murray, KY

    I want in. I don’t have many lboxes, but I like the ones I do have! HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance!
    Seems a little backwards that you would be giving gifts on your birthday, but I think it’s a great gesture!

    Eastern shore of, Pa

    *I want in* Happy B’day JDO !


    You know if you waited 3 days and had a birthday on the 29th you wouldn’t have a birthday every year (well it would have been a 25% chance since leap year is once in every 4). Anyway, I want in and greatly appreciate your gesture. I have a bunch of inserts folks that I am not going to use so if you are looking for any, send me a PM and I will pay it forward to you.


    I want in. Its nice way of paying it forward.

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    Toronto, ON

    “I want in”

    I’ll wish you a happy Birthday in advance and also a big thanks for the generosity with the giveaway!

    A Working Pro since 2004

    Etobicoke, ON


    Happy Early B-Day..
    That being said, funny how that day comes around once a year. 🙂

    Very generous of you @JimDaddyO.

    “If you don’t pass on the knowledge you have to others, it Dies with you”
    — Glenn Botting


    I want in

    Very generous. And happy birthday in advance


    Wow Jim first off happy early birthday wishes,
    Very generous offer Jim, you have a big heart,

    that’s a great idea, I would be interested.


    “I want in”

    Early happy birthday. Just remember, we are like a fine wine, we just better with age!

    I am a newbie in the ‘being handy around the house’. Spent my life in military and Fed. Gov’t service as a computer specialist. Retired Dec of 2011. All my knowledge and background was in the computer field and I am teaching myself, picking others brains, work for free to get hands on knowledge and experience. Case in point, I came across the ‘Be The Pro’ website and saw it as a treasure trove of knowledge that hopefully I can contribute to.
    Winning a surprise box of goodies would be awesome.

    Hope you have a great b-day and even better and more b-days to come.


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