ISO ideas on labeling aluminum storm panels

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    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    I am in the process of planning out the install of new hurricane storm panels for three of my rental properties. Each window or door will be fitted with a header on top, a track at the bottom and a number of interlocking panels. All in aluminum. Altogether 46 openings.

    I am looking for ideas how the best way to label those panels as to what goes where.

    For example, a 72″ w by 36″ h window will get six 42″ tall vertical panels. Due to windows are different widths and heights there will be many different length panels. The idea is how would I label the panels so it’s the easiest to tell which goes where when it comes time to put up the panels when a storm is approaching.

    So first I need to ID each window/door. May be a sharpie that writes on the white colored aluminum track somewhere and say this is window A, window B…as there are less than 26 total openings per property.

    Then if these five panels belong to window A, I need to label on each panel something like “A 1 of 5”. “A 2 of 5” etc?

    Write with a sharpie? Will that stay permanent?

    Now these panels are corrugated and will be stacked. Meaning you can’t read anything written on them since you can only see their edges. We are talking about say 180 panels stacked with each other so trying to sort/find something is not easy.

    So I thought may be I will make it easier by color. May be I will spray paint the edges. Stack all the painels of the south wall together and spray their edges red, north wall green…so you can tell visually the east side window panels are stacked in the back?

    So I am looking for some good ideas to help ID, locate, sort out the panels.

    North Bay, ON

    Colour coding for location seems like a good approach. Perhaps engraving the individual panels would be a more permanent solution and highlight the engraved area with spray paint.

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