Installing cultured stone-need advice

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    I’m finally building my own home. This week I plan to install cultured stone on the concrete block columns I built on the front porch. I want to assure good adhesionof the stone work. I’m not sure what type of mortar or mortar mix I should use for the scratch coat and what type of mortar for the actual install. Also since the stones won’t be stacked -what type and mix for the grout joints. Thanks for any help. Jim in Franklin, TN


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    Maybe contact the manufacturer directly or their website or a speciality store that sells them and ask them.


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    They make a stone setting mortar that is recommended for all three applications. It is a premix that can be bought at most masonry supply houses and even some big boxes stock it.


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    I see the masons use a lath over the block and a Type S mortar to butter and set the stone on. I also see them use that white bonding agent in a pump spray bottle to spray on the block before the mortar goes on.


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