[IMPORTANT] How to Post on Bosch Power Tools Customer Service

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    Please note the following items when posting on Bosch Power Tools Customer Service sub-forum

    1. A Bosch rep will only receive a notification every time a new topic is created or when you tag the Bosch Power Tools Customer Service username (@boschtoolsservice) in a post. Please only tag their username if you have a question you wish for them to see and answer.
    2. Please use the Power Tools forum if you wish to discuss any product in detail. This sub-forum is only for specific questions.
    3. Only ask Bosch power tool related questions. Other Bosch business divisions have not yet created a customer service sub-forum no BTP, but we hope more will over time.
    4. Do not private message Bosch Power Tools Customer Service because the messages will not be answered.
    5. Bosch Power Tools Customer Service can choose to take any conversation offline if they so they choose.
    6. Questions will be answers between Monday and Friday and may take a response time may be a little slower if the question is more complex and in-depth.
    7. This customer service portal is a pilot program and we may remove it from the site if it doesn’t seem to helpful or if Bosch Power Tools cannot handle the quantity or type of questions.


    Email us at bethepro@bethepro.com

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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