I hate it when Tuesday is a Monday…

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    Brick, NJ, 500,000 HAM

    Inspectors don’t care. Their all lazy. I’m building a new home. I’m getting a rough plumbing inspection and all pipes were filled plus gas pressured up. Some moron knocked a cap off the gas and I lost air pressure and it was cold the day before so I dropped the water. I’m filling the water up and he’s checking everything out. He goes to check the gas, that’s when I saw it was 0 and someone hit it, mumbles he has to go to his truck. I figure no big deal, my plumbers there fixing the gas. I head over to his truck and he fails me.

    I said “sir can you please just take a look everything is back to normal now” he said ” I’m already in my truck and I’m not getting back out” talk about lazy lol. So I had to reschedule the inspection. No big deal right? Wrong, this town is so backed up due to the storm it’s always a week out. What a joke.

    halifax, nova scotia

    i hear ya nj, locally were seeing more and more new inspectors who have no background in the trades.. they do everything by the book but dont know what their looking at half the time.. they come to inspect a renovation and expect to see things to be structurd the exact same way it would be in new construction.. but they dont have common sense to say ok thats old your doing what will work there

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit

    Upstate, NY

    That stinks…again @RobertCDF. Sometimes we get jobs that seem like nothing can go right and you can’t get out of there fast enough. Of course it is always the ones you priced a little tight too.

    That’s the truth!

Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)
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