How to repair concrete porch against brick wall

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    I have water leaking in the garage because the concrete porch was poured against the bricks. I have tested it by pouring water on the porch against the brick and 30 minutes later found damp nest in the garage wall.

    The porch is made of poured concrete, sand and patio stones. The borders are glued down.

    I have included pics.

    How can I fix this? Can I raise the weeps hole? Is removing the bricks from the porch height to the ledge and pour concrete to raise the ledge?


    There appears to be a round area above the patio on the brick wall that looks discolored is the water coming from above as well . Not just at the patio wall transition . Maybe it’s just my screen giving off that .

    Always willing to learn .


    I think it might coming for both areas, yes there is discoloration, but it does dry up. Water is coming from both behind brick and seeping from the porch also.


    I think it might coming for both areas, yes there is discoloration, but it does dry up. Water is coming from both behind brick and seeping from the porch also.

    Do you have a moisture meter to check the drywall area to see how high the moisture is getting up or going down from a pipe leak in that wall beside the outside issues . Has there been any recent jointing done at the base of the wall .

    Always willing to learn .

    Toronto, ON

    Agreed it looks to be coming from above and through the masonry wall. It appears as your wall needs to have some pointing done on the masonry joints. General rule of thumb is if you can squeeze a credit card in the hole it needs to be ground out and repointed.

    You then could also replace the brick at the patio area as well. If you drag your hammer on its side across the masonry units from good to bad, you should be able to get a good idea of what needs to be replaced.

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    Sorry I don’t have moisture meter.

    I will look at re-pointing where needed. I still have issue, that water also seeps from the porch it self, I did a quick test with the hose. How do I stop it?


    My guess is that because it’s been poured over the bricks , it’s causing the water to take the short route and easier way , seeing how it can’t leak under the poured concrete up against the bricks , it’s causing it to leak through the brick , and under the wood sill and then into the garage ,
    Especially since it looks like it’s the only area , I don’t think you have the problem further away from the poured concrete against the bricks , they probably should have installed a flashing before pouring the concrete , the flashing could have been passed down past the footing and above the bricks a few rows and tucked in to the mortar 🤷‍♂️
    Something like how they do chimney flashing ,
    I assume that the patio was poured obviously after the fact that the bricks where done probably years later 🤷‍♂️

    My guess is that the water is making it’s way under the wood wall plate


    If there is a water leak, he will always find a way out. Water can completely destroy the structure over time, so I recommend fixing the problem as soon as possible. No matter how well the concrete is cast, there are external factors that can damage the strength of the structure. Here is more information about quality hardening of concrete.


    What if I took a couple of rows out above the stone and install a flashing with weep holes. Would that work?

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