How to Repair a Possible Front Porch Sag??

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    Mount Carmel, IL

    Hello, I appreciate all the great and experience on this forum.

    I was wondering if anyone has encountered an issue of a sagging or bowed concrete porch? I will post some pictures, if you look carefully you can see under the door and trim that the porch has sank?

    I do construction for a living, but I do not specialize in concrete. I have poured slabs and small projects but not a porch. When there is heavy rain it will gather near the house on the porch.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Holladay, Tn

    I’m not sure your porch has sagged at all. I’m not seeing any cracks in the concrete? Probably pour finishing when originally poured.


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    Mount Carmel, IL

    I’m kind of think that as well. It worries me because the water is collecting against the plywood beneath the siding. I’m trying to come up with a good fix that’s cost effective and appealing to the eye.

    The Emerald Triangle, Northern California

    Kind of hard to see, the pics are all sideways.

    Is that a solid concrete porch?

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    Pierrefonds, Qc

    The title says ” possible sag”.
    So, don’t look for something that’s “improbable” 😀

    New Franklin, OH

    Is it open under the porch? Can you see under it?

    Akron, OH

    Many of those porches here were poured on plywood forms. Saved money on filling them. If the form dropped a bit during the pour that could definitely happen.


    Would be interesting to see how they built the form or framing before the cement fill
    I know here they usually backfill under the slab ,
    Similar thing happened to my friend , they didn’t compact enough prior to the cement , the center sagged and he has the same thing , water pooling in the center of the cement balcony

    Mount Carmel, IL

    I’m not sure how it was built? I’m assuming that they filled it in with sand and gravel. Then poured it.

    There definitely is a Sag. I’m just sure what I can do to fix it.

    The Emerald Triangle, Northern California

    I was looking at the edge, and it almost looks like a slab poured over a form or fill, like Warren mentioned.

    Anything can be fixed, it just depends on how much you want to spend.

    You could try an SLC, but you’d have to check with the manufacturer about durability for a walking surface at the thin layer you’ll be pouring.

    Additionally, if there is some kind of structural problem, that won’t address the underlying problem. So it might continue to settle and certainly will crack if it does.

    The expensive fix is to demo the slab, and see what’s going on underneath, and address that issue, then pour a new slab.

    I’m just going off the limited information I can glean from the pictures. There might be other options, but without a site visit, I only have so many ideas. 😆

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    Honolulu,, Hi.

    Bust a hole where the water sits and make a french drain.


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