How many different types of concrete work are there?

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    What are all the different types of jobs you could do as a concrete finisher? I know you can do things like sidewalks, floors, basements, footings and walls, but I also know there are more advanced jobs like decorated concrete, dyed/stained concrete, etc. I have a brother who is a lisenced carpenter now, and as he was completing his hours for his apprenticeship I was amazed at all the variety and sheer beauty of all different kinds of work he did. He inspired me to learn all of the parts of concrete finishing so I can do anything for a customer when asked. That is, for residential and business buildings, I’m not concerned about jobs like pouring mass structures like skyscrapers or making big bridges out of concrete. If anyone has a full or partial list I would appreciate it as I don’t really know where to look for these kinds of questions, google obviously isn’t going to work. Thanks.


    Have you seen any concrete counter tops done for kitchens or bathroom vanity tops .

    Always willing to learn .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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