How do you use your phone?

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    Durham region, ON

    So I find it and it cost 25 bucks and my phone gets wet?? Do I have to buy it again??

    It is buy once and that’s it. The programs you pay for are kept with your user account.

    I’m at a company Christmas function right now but spending my time on BTP..

    lol unless you switch platforms. That was a giant pain when i switched from the apple platform to android. I ended up having to a buy a few of the same programs I was using again. I think the only one i didn’t have to pay again for was whatsapp as that is tied to the phone number vs platform account.

    Colorado Springs, CO

    I’m still with the same cracked screen phone from months ago. I lose a piece every second week now though. Still fully functional. This Moto E has really taken a beating. Perfect for me.

    How do I get rid of all the apps on the Moto E I don’t use?

    A lot of the pre installed apps can not be removed. They are like paid advertising.

    One thing that you could do for the things you don’t use that can’t me removed is simply disable them, then they won’t update or anything.

Viewing 2 posts - 161 through 162 (of 162 total)
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