how do you organize your tools?

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    do you use
    A) Festool systainers and sortainers
    B) Dewalt TSTAK and/or tough cases
    C) Bosch L-Boxxes
    D) Tool bags and original cases
    E) other

    and why?

    John S


    None of the above. I have many tools, and keep some at work, home, the car, truck, etc. I have what i need with me at all times, so i have many of everything!

    halifax, nova scotia

    pretty much everything from toolboxes, buckets and bags

    their organzied based on task.. two bags for finish carpentry, one bucket for siding and decks, one box for framing and foundation work…. one box for my power tools that i always carry. a tool bag for my cordless gear

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    I keep my home tools separate from my truck tools. I have a tool bag for construction, a separate tool box for piping tools, and a service pouch. I try to organize everything before i put it away, I hate it when the mess piles up


    I use the cases that came with my power tools along with tool boxes and bags for my hand tools and misc. tools. I’ve been working on the road quite a bit lately and have it down to a science now exactly what I need on site and what it travels in. I’ve thought about the systainers but I figured why spend the money if the system I have works fine.



    Belgrave, Ontario , Canada

    I have a lot of tools and they are scattered all over my house and shop .Storage boxes sound like a good idea now that I think about it 😉


    i definitely like the idea of creating “kits” for various specific tasks/projects, but i also like having things organized by category (ie wrenches all together, chisels all together, etc)

    John S


    One tote contains the 20% of the tools I use 80% of the time (hand tools). I have separate totes for specialty jobs and take them out when needed. I don’t use a lot of power tools other than a compressor and a drill; just my job and work variety.

    Things I’ve learned:
    – Don’t just haul in the couple of tools you think you’ll need, because you’ll be running back within 5 minutes for something else and repeat this a couple of times.

    – Keep the tote together. Even if you think you just need one item (see above, but there are exceptions), it never seems to find its way back to where it belongs.

    – Redundancy is fine. You might have the same tool in different kits.

    – Dumping them in a bucket or box wastes a lot of time searching and digging. Every hand tool has its pocket or position, comes out, goes back, I know where it is and when it is missing.

    I have a problem with the blow-molded boxes that many portable and pneumatic tools come in.
    – They are all different sizes and shapes, so they don’t stack or organize well on a shelf
    – They scream “there’s a power tool in here” to nefarious people who are looking for tools to steal.

    I keep mine in the cheap Harbor Freight black bags. I get four pneumatic tools in a drawer that won’t hold one blow mold box.

    I find drawers (a mechanic’s drawer system in the shop, custom made drawer units in the van) the most organized way to keep tools and hardware, other than the pocketed totes for portability.

    Waterloo, Ontario

    Great points Bob,
    Mine is a real mix.
    I have a plumbing tool box, an electrical box, a compressed air box and lots of duplication on wrenches etc.
    I have several generic tool bags and smaller boxes then a large empty tool bag I load up depending on the task.

    I would love to have a full set of boxes the same footprint it would make storage much easier, but good ones are not cheap.


    halifax, nova scotia

    you couldnt be more right about bringing in just the tools you think you need.. mind you i pretty much get out every tool ill need for the day unless i compltely change tasks then have to get out some other tools.. after that their out for the day..

    nothing drives me more crazy than seeing a guy on my crew wasting time by going to get one tool from his car use it for 5 minutes then put it back in the car.. then an hour later hes going back for it or doing the same thing with differnt tools

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    the two bob’s are both quite helpful… i know theft is common when everything screams “valuable power tools”… i have heard of guys with dewalt and festool tools only losing their dewalt stuff to the theft who is only smart enough to take the yellow, ha! if that thief only knew what was in the other containers he skipped…!!

    John S


    My tools are my pride and joy! I have multiple tool boxes and everything is neatly put away! I know exactly where everything is!


    Anyone use Veto ProPacs? I really like the concept but can’t seem to pony up for the $

    halifax, nova scotia

    i have the L bag for my interior trim hand tools. really well organized but the pockets are a little small for some things. definitely nicer than kunys or husky bags though

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit

    Honesdale, PA

    Bags and original cases right now.


    Using the original blow molded cases and bags and any husky plastic containers I can find. I want to try the Bosch L-Boxx system but can’t justify the cost yet. I might be more eager if there was a slight volume discount, like 5 boxes for the price of 3 to get me started.


    Dozens of L-BOXX
    Three Veto Pro Pac
    A few misc tool bags
    A 6×10 well organized tool trailer with metal welded shelving and plywood bottoms and ladder racks.
    A parts shelf system form American Van
    Several types of hook and hanging systems by RACOR
    PVC pipes with straps for long tools , brooms, sledge, etc

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com


    Do you leave your trailer on site Rob or do you haul it back and forth?



    Chicago, IL

    Right now I’m bags, toolboxes, shelves, and a mess. I’m moving to L-Boxx’s (I think I could have won the take-back-your-day contest if I was eligible!)


    haha joe i would love to see pics…!

    John S

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