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    Did you guys see the interior of this impact? wires, epoxy etc…
    Its not well built like bosch, makita, dewalt…
    Hopefully it goes well for them now with this one.

    Have you seen inside of one, has to be pretty well built if it can take those tests,
    I would like to see the difference between the Hitachi and the other brands.

    Its IP 56 but the inside its not well built, I’ll get a picture and post here
    In fact it has technology, speed and power…but quality is a group of things.
    Please don’t get me wrong, Im not here judging, it is my personal experience and opinion.

    Oh no, don’t worry, I’m definitely not judging.
    I know Bosch tools are well built, I see plenty of other manufacturers on our repair department shelves
    And the odd Bosch tools
    Was just curious to see if you had any pictures

    Brian, have a look and compare build quality between them all.

    I thought expoy joints on connections where better then solider joints for a longer clean free surface over metal showing in the tool parts .

    Always willing to learn .

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)
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