greetings from the oil patch!

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    salmon arm, bc

    Hello fellow tradesmen (and women), my name is garry, born and raised in bc. I started my career completing a 4 year apprenticeship to obtain my red seal automotive technician ticket. After about 15 years in the trade i was looking for something new, so i got a class 1 drivers license, and have been working primarily in the oil patch for the last 5 years, mostly hauling gravel for road and lease construction, and hauling contaminated soil. The oil patch provides a great way for nearly any tradesperson to earn a great living. If any of you are interested in making a move to a life in the patch, feel free to ask me questions, i’ll do my best to provide some first hand advice on what’s required, and what you can expect. The last 6 months has seen a downturn in the industry, but there are still many oppritunities, cheers, garry

    Fayetteville, NC

    Welcome to BTP Garry. You will find we are friendly bunch.

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    Hello and welcome, Garry!


    Hi Garry, welcome aboard. Glad to have a new member. @gomoto69, I am curious – what and where is the oil patch? You mention contaminated soil – is there a lot being contaminated? What happens to it?

    salmon arm, bc

    In the summer i’ve been working around dawson creek bc, mostly hauling gravel building roads and leases for shell canada. Winters i’ve been in the high level, rainbow lake alberta area, hauling contaminated. There have been several pipeline spills in the area, most of them ‘produced water’, which is water that gets seperated from the crude, and then piped back down a dry well. When it spills, the oil companies must haul out all the soil that has been affected to a landfill site that has a membrane installed under the stockpiles so they can catch and dispose of any runoff. It’s a very expensive operation, one that canadian oil producers don’t get the credit they deserve for cleaning up their operations. We just finished a 2 year job this winter that was something over 11,000 truckloads (truck and quad wagon and super b end/side dumps), very expensive! Thanks for the greetings!

    salmon arm, bc

    Oil patch in canada is basically northern alberta and bc, parts of saskatchewan, where oil and gas fields are being brought into production. Lots of opportunity for high paying jobs for most all trades people. It’s not easy money, but it’s very good money if you’re willing to put in the long hours and being away from home.

    Etobicoke, ON

    Hum From the wet coast? 🙂
    Welcome from Ontario @gomoto69

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    salmon arm, bc

    Thank you, i’m about 6 hr drive from the coast, i live at the north end of the okanagan valley, plenty of sunshine here! In fact, the forecast is calling for temps up to 38c in the next few days, havn’t had a chance to acclimate to that kind of heat yet!

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    Welcome to BTP!

    salmon arm, bc

    Thanks tonyG!


    Welcome to BTP Garry!

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    Welcome, Garry. I know you will make some friends here. I’ve got a buddy in Salmon Arm, makes videos, and generally enjoys himself.

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    Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

    Hi Garry.

    I live in SK and working in AB right now. To old for the patch. Now I just put in spray parks and playground equipment.

    I love your area of the world.

    edmonton, AB

    The Okanogan is pretty much paradise you are very lucky to live there. Welcome to BTP

    salmon arm, bc

    Thanks everyone, i do love where i live and will never move, even tho i work out of town alot, it just makes me appreciate home even more!

    Holladay, Tn

    Welcome to BTP Garry.


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    Welcome to BTP Gary. Sounds like an interesting job you have. Thanks for all the info.

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    Welcome aboard Garry

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    welcome Gary!!! glad to have you with us, it’ll be a fun time.


    @gomoto69 hello Garry, and welcome to BTP. Interesting work, my sisters husband was out in Edmonton, as you say they had lots of work, slowed down a bit.

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