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    Toronto, ON

    Wow, scary experience there! Glad it didn’t travel closer to your heart also Delta!

    If your heart stopped, CPR is most successful when performed before the ambulance arrives.

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    Man that was a close one. Glad to see you are okay, maybe just letting someone know you are working in a awkward area, just in case.

    North Bay, ON

    I generally will shut off power to wherever I am working. I tend to be super paranoid when working with electricity. I also always let someone know where I am working on something like that in the house and tell them to check up on me just in case.

    When I was younger I used to work on live circuits. Too lazy, I guess to bother to shut the power off. That was until I got zapped and knocked off a ladder. I was lucky but I shut the power off now.
    I can’t explain why it took a near miss to smarten me up. Nothing wrong with being paranoid IMO.

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    New Franklin, OH

    Glad your ok. I have been bit a few times. You learn very fast!

    Eastern shore of, Pa

    Nothing like a shocking experience to light up your day. I’ve zapped myself a few times too


    Got to be careful around power lines . If I’m working by myself I tell others what I’m doing in case of a accident .

    I help my cousin do a kitchen remodel about ten years ago . Was stripping bx cable the wire cutters slipped the voltage went in one arm came around to other . I was in a corner screaming and cousins wife use a wood broom to knock the wire off me . This after the breaker being shut off and my tester said it was off .

    Always willing to learn .


    Glad you are OK. It is scary working around live wires. I have gotten zapped on occasion from 120V lines. My neighbor is an electrician working on big electrical stuff and he shaves his arm hair to limit anything brushing up against a live wire. It is scary stuff for sure.

    Orange County, CA

    New Franklin, OH

    The best one I did was when I was tearing out a kitchen. It had built in stove and oven. I totally took out the breaker at the box marked for them. I pulled the oven out of the cabinet and had it resting on my knee as I reached around and cut the wires off the back. Pow the fire flew and me and the oven went down. The oven was on another breaker.
    The little old lady I was doing the job for calmly said ” I hear electric shock is good for the arthritis.” I laughed and said they lied!
    Burned a hole in my wire cutters too! lol
    Lesson was learned, always check to be sure there is no power.

    Melbourne Beach, FL
    Melbourne Beach, FL

    Whew! Glad you are ok but not a fun experience. You make a good point on how fast things can happen. Appreciate your message Delta. Stay safe.

    How ya doing there Kent?

    London, ON

    One of the first things I’ve done when moving into my home is to thoroughly map out the breaker panel. I have a detailed spreadsheet posted beside the panel, so I always know which breaker to switch off.

    (I’m not an electrician, just a home DIY guy. I was stunned several years ago to learn from the electrician where I worked — University — that he regularly would work on a live breaker panel, and according to him it was pretty common.)

    Glad it turned out okay for you.



    That’s terrifying! Glad you’re ok… I know a guy that works on the power lines and made a big mistake with a live wire. He wasn’t hurt but keeps the mangled screwdriver with him as a reminder


    Man, glad you are okay. There was one who wasn’t so lucky on the same day here in our state. Be careful out there.


    Spencer, Ma., happy 2015

    couldn’t you use a tester and have someone flip the breakers,
    BE safe damn it.

    The Emerald Triangle, Northern California

    couldn’t you use a tester and have someone flip the breakers,
    BE safe damn it.

    Well, I was using the tester. 😆

    I regularly open live junction boxes, etc., and attach the Zircon Breaker Tracer to the circuit. This way I don’t need 2 people, nor do I have to flip every breaker in a building, and shut down computers, reset clocks and what not.

    It was a combination of being grounded, which I normally avoid entirely, but was not possible in this situation, and a fluke accident.

    Sure scared the heck outta me.


    Goin' Down In Flames........

    Spencer, Ma., happy 2015

    I’m sure it did.
    Guess you have to do it that way in buildings, I’m a residential job

    halifax, nova scotia

    that would definitely be a scary moment. im sorta surprised you put yourself in that situation, would have thought youd have someone with you at least at the panel flipping breakers.. that way its easier for you to do it and quicker so you dont have to crawl in and out.

    one thing i dont do is mess around with electricity.. if i need to do something i shut down the breaker.. learned that lesson as a greenhorn.. we were demoing a bathroom with electric baseboard rads. just the act of me pulling the rad off the wall to tear off tile gave mea jolt of 220 i wasnt trying to disconnect the rad just get behind it

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit

    salmon arm, bc

    My son is an arborist doing contract work for bc hydro clearing trees around power lines, i’ve learned a lot from him about high voltage and it’s dangers. I’ve been zapped enough times in my life already, and didn’t think at the time i was being careless! Each time was a reminder to be more careful, and i’ll bet this incident has had the same effect on delta!


    wow delta that was close. a friend of mine got shocked once, well he was actually struck by lightning. he had been having back trouble but after that he never had another back pain.

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    I’ve gotten hit with 110v and it stings. Gotta be more cautious my friend. That could’ve ended a lot worse.

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