Got Zapped Today

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    The Emerald Triangle, Northern California

    I’m pretty comfortable around electricity, been working in the field for 17 years.

    But today, I’m under a house, looking for a spot to tap into for a couple new lights, and I’m laying on my back in the crawl space, and I pull the cover, and start unscrewing the wire nut. I’m going to hook my breaker tracer to it, so I can shut off the power.

    Well, I unscrewed the wire nut, and then dropped it on accident, while going back for one more twist. What I ended up with was a hot wire pinched between my finger and thumb. The shock went right down my arm, and through my right shoulder blade into the ground. That hurt.

    I am very fortunate that I just so happened to be leaning more on my right side, than my left.

    I also started thinking about how long it would have been before anyone would have noticed me missing. Probably a couple hours. Too long for effective CPR.

    Be careful out there.


    Goin' Down In Flames........

    Etobicoke, ON

    Delta, Lucky to not have the current run across your heart. No kidding a couple of hours before someone notices you missing. Laying motionless in the crawl space.

    “If you don’t pass on the knowledge you have to others, it Dies with you”
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    Holladay, Tn

    That could have turned out bad Delta. Just goes to show one never knows what can and or will happen.


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    Bloomington, IN

    That could have turned out bad Delta. Just goes to show one never knows what can and or will happen.

    I get little zaps every so often, but not to this magnitude (I think). Part of me wonders what I could have changed, or if the little tingle even matters. Maybe I’ve never felt one of the big zaps…either way, be careful with live circuits.

    Jon P.
    Timber Carpentry & Construction


    yikes. I try to avoid electric as much as possible on the job

    Fayetteville, NC

    Glad it wasn’t worse than it was.

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    Fayetteville, NC
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    Glad that was it. Your correct though, any little detail could be costly, in many ways.

    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    getting zapped is just not as enjoyable as you get older. I have been “hit” many times, nothing serious however. Glad you are ok!


    I was in the room with an electrician. He kept saying “…..ow……..ow” I asked him wtf was up. He said he was getting lifted. Why not turn the damn power off? A licensed electrician.


    Whew! Glad you are ok but not a fun experience. You make a good point on how fast things can happen. Appreciate your message Delta. Stay safe.

    The Emerald Triangle, Northern California

    Ive gotten pinched quite a few times, but this was probably the most serious.

    And it was scary afterwards thinking about what would have happened if I’d been leaning just a little differently.

    When I was in the union, one of the first things they told us was, “it’s usually the very inexperienced, or the very experienced ( who tend to get a little too comfortable ) who are the ones most likely to get injured.


    Goin' Down In Flames........


    I feel the same way when using saws. I constantly tell myself “pay attention…you like your fingers”

    The Emerald Triangle, Northern California

    Hey Kent, how you been?

    Haven’t seen you around in a while.


    Goin' Down In Flames........


    whoa, careful Delta. A friend of mine last his dad due to a similar shock.


    Hey Kent, how you been?

    Haven’t seen you around in a while.


    I’m not bad. Just sold a good sized project. I was burnt out some, took a vacation to San Antonio, and now I’m antsy to get back in the shop and make some cabinets.

    Honolulu,, Hi.

    Man that’s a eye opener!! I’m glad it turned out the way it did and not worse.


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    salmon arm, bc

    That’s scary, especially the spot you were in and how no one would have noticed you missing if it had been worse. When i was logging years ago we would get the wcb accident reports to read through and you are right, probably 90% of the fallers that were hurt or killed were the guys with many years experience, complacency sets in. I’m happy you’re ok and maybe your story will get us all keep our heads in the game, for a while anyway!

    Langley, BC

    Glad to hear you are ok, as an Electrician myself I have been zapped a couple times and it doesn’t feel very good when it happens.

    Durham region, ON

    I generally will shut off power to wherever I am working. I tend to be super paranoid when working with electricity. I also always let someone know where I am working on something like that in the house and tell them to check up on me just in case.

    In the Rice Fields, South TX

    I flipped down the cover of an exterior outlet yesterday and it felt like I’d grabbed the spark plug of the pressure washer I was using.
    I’ve got some troubleshooting to do – suspect a missing ground.

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