GAS18V-3N review

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    Well I should say that the heat is not uniform in every room of the house.

    Nice size stove. Convection works especially with blowers. The fuel savings is also nice as well.

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    Has anyone used the Makita DVC750 18V vac and the Bosch GAS 18V-3N?

    The Makita has a blower on the exhaust port but its almost $100CDN more than the Bosch. I’ve got both systems so batteries aren’t really a consideration

    I’ve just started working with a small CNC so I need something lightweight and relatively quiet

    I have the Bosch and a med. size CNC and I like the Bosch a lot, but it would never do on my CNC for dust collection. It would probably do fine for vacuuming the bed, as even my 1.5HP dust collector doesn’t get everything.

    This is a desktop sized CNC (3018 ProVer with a 52mm spindle) so the amount of debris coming off a board can be handled by something small. My shopvac is massive overkill for something so small


    Very interesting entry level CNC machine. My software cost about 6x as much as this machine. I’m assuming that all dust clearing will be by hand. The Bosch will probably do fine.

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    For a first time CNC user, the system works pretty well. It runs gcode from virtually every program, the spindle can be upgraded right up to 600 watts, and it has a solid community of users.

    I’ll vacuum everything by hand with the Bosch (or Makita). Although there are aluminum spindle holders and 3d printed holders that have a vacuum port and brush attachments.

Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)
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