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    What are some ways you would love to see BTP improved? Specifically, I am wondering about the forum, but I suppose the site as a whole is fair game.

    John S


    For example, I wish we could specifically “reply” to certain people’s comments. I know it gets tricky to be able to tell what is the newest comment when they become chain linked under one person’s comment per say… But perhaps we could use the “@” to reply to people specifically and somehow “link” it to them or notify them of the response?

    John S


    There are a couple things that I’ve noticed that would be good improvements.

    When someone posts a link and you click on it, it opens in the same window or tab that you’re looking at BTP in so you lose your page. It would be great if it would open up a link in a new window or tab.

    When someone posts photos and you click on them to view them and then click “back” it takes you to the top of the page rather than where you were at on the page so you have to scroll down if the photo post was further down the page.




    It is amazing how much work it is to probably code such requests that seem so simple, haha! I definitely agree that it would be nice to be able to go “back” to where you were on the last page. Not a huge thing, but nice.

    John S


    That “back” feature would be nice. I know
    Someone had posted an app for the smartphone
    I don’t have a smartphone
    I have to log in every time I’m on my computer
    Going to get a smartphone next month. I bet
    The app would be nice

    Mt Prospect, IL

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions and keep ’em coming. We have a running list of everything to track requested updates. I hope to start addressing some of these issues, especially the ones that shouldn’t take too long to complete. I am also working on a plan to help address the bigger issues.


    Email us at bethepro@bethepro.com


    Thanks for all your hard work to keep this running!

    John S

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Dan, i agree with you about the position of the page that other BTP processes bring you back to, be it, looking at a picture, or logging in to reply to a post. Some programming logic needs to be implemented which keeps track of “where you are” on the page before you activate a secondary action so that it can bring you back to that spot.

    Being able to reply to someone using an automatic “quoting: feature would also be nice.

    Not sure this is an improvement as much as it is a feature, but… i see that some people are “moderators” some are “participants”. Perhaps a skill level or another kind of taggingnaming classification system could be implemented based on activity in the forum? And i have no idea what they would be but for example: private, sergent, general. Just a thought.

    Belgrave, Ontario , Canada

    Is it possible to have it where you can see who is online .It would give everyone a better idea of how many people are online at any given moment . Also a designated area for posting finished projects . I think it helps to inspire others and to help learning something you normally would not think of .


    That is nice idea

    Jackson, TN

    One issue I’ve noticed is that posted tube videos are cut in half. Is it possible or feasible to re-size them to fit within the comment window, or just provide a link of the you tube video? I do like the forum format though. It’s not the usual and boring forum layout.

    Jackson, TN

    One “wish list” item would be the option to edit your posts. I wrote “tube” but meant to write “you tube” in my previous post.

    halifax, nova scotia

    myself and the other moderators can do it, just msg us if you want it done

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    A nice phone app. Tapatalk is pretty common, but it doesn’t look like this forum software is going to be compatible. Maybe I’m wrong. More and more people are mobile and it needs to be light and quick to access content. It’s a little bulky here, nothing personal. Heavy and slow on the browsing


    Really cant say much on improving I been here
    a week or so. But I’m ll for the app


    Perhaps there could be a place where the different status updates could be shown, based on most recent – kind of like how we have the different topics for the forums… I don’t see a lot of them because I do not always check out everyone’s profile – and it could be nice if we were notified about responses to our statuses or posts

    John S

    Jackson, TN

    Thanks for adding the option to edit posts. Unfortunately, I noticed it after I re-posted something, but I know it’s there now. For anyone that hasn’t noticed, it’s located to the far right of your message time and date stamp, after you post.

    Ok, this is on purpose. I had to try the edit option just to add something else.

    The poll questions on the right side of the page doesn’t work properly with my Chromium browser (haven’t tried it with any other browser). If I answer a poll question and click “Vote,” the entire web page is loaded into the area where the poll question was located. It doesn’t affect any other part of the web page I’m on, it’s confined to area allocated for the poll question, if that makes sense.

    Jackson, TN

    I just wanted to confirm the polling issue I experienced in Chromium, is not present in Firefox. It could be Google’s way of stealing information rather than adding it to the poll statistics. LOL

    Honesdale, PA

    I am still having the issue with Firefox on the polling. Like Mark stated, once you vote the page loads on the side of the page.


    I haven’t noticed any issues with the poll on Firefox. Do you have the most recent version of Firefox Brian?



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