Fast Food renovated in Glendale, CA ( Another great experience)

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    Los Angeles, CA

    We did this Fast Food Restaurant ( Panda Express style) renovation project in Glendale, CA. couple of months before the pandemic happened ( Such bad timing for the owner). But they were fortunate enough to do
    to-go orders in LA County.

    I just had to mention this project; the owner was awesome. He often gave me free lunch whenever I stop by to say hi if I am in the area. It was very nice of him, and the food is fantastic ( Wongs Wok). This project was my third restaurant project. It makes me panic when a project has to do with a commercial kitchen. Just so many signed off on job cards.

    I have attached two comparison pictures ( Interior design / Actual completion). Let me know your thoughts! We tried to get the actual completion as close as the interior design plan.

    The whole built out took a bit longer than usual. We anticipated the project being completed in 2.5 months for the construction. But it turned out the architecture made a mistake in drawing the plans ( Wrong location for the Grease trap). So we had to wait for city planning/building and safety for approval, of course, before we did the excavation and put it in the grease trap. So it took four months in the end.

    But overall, it was fun, a great experience!


    Looks nice! Did you do this solo or with a team?

    Orange County, CA

    Los Angeles, CA

    Thanks man ! It was done with team. We only have finishes done with our own employee. We subs out the framing , drywall , Mechanical , Electrical , Plumbing , etc to our sub-contractors.

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