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    I’ve been out of the trades for over 5 years. Day job is as a “recycling plant operator”, Sounds better than it is, I run a skid steer in a recycling plant.

    We’ve got a couple bad leaks on the roof of the house. 12/12 pitch and metal that was nailed down 30 years ago. My 70year old father(his house) has dug up a harness his employer trashed 20 yrs ago, and a cheap rope and has been up there working on replacing the nails that are coming loose with screws. The chimney also needs to be properly flashed, as it’s never been pointed into the chimney and is the worst of several leaks.

    I picked up a kit at Lowes tonight with harness, rope, anchor, ect. What I’m trying to figure out is how to anchor to an existing metal roof without causing any damage.

    The Chimney’s at the ridge, 12ft from one end of a 36ft ridge. The worst leaks, onto my mothers bed is at the far end towards the bottom. Anchoring to the chimney to reach there would swing me into the ground.


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    you could install a permanent anchor at the roof peak like the photo attached.

    they also make temporary ones where you would fill the holes with washered screws whenhttps://industrialsafety.com/capital-safety-2103670-dbi-sala-permanent-roof-anchor-with-flashing-and-cap.html done.

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