Earlex 5500 Spray Station

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    Kamloops, BC

    Any thoughts?
    I’ve come across one locally (used) and am tempted to get it. Painting has been coming up with more frequency lately(trim, trim….ugh, more prefinished trim…), and for the price I think it would be a fine addition. I think it is a two stage turbine unit, and the seller is offering it up at a little over $150.


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    I have the earlex3500 series I belive cheaper model mine works good with plasticity paint but I try to put some semi gloss thru it it doesn’t spray fine even though I water the paint down gives lumps so don’t know did they improve this model


    Don’t have one, nor have I ever used one. But I know they are decent entry level units. Many satisfied users and others who mock it who have way more expensive stuff. That’s all I can offer.

    Hamilton, ON

    I bought one about 5 years ago to spray water based stains and top coats, it was fantastic to use. Not much over spray, quiet unit to run (not much louder than a shop vac) and easy to clean up. I wouldn’t want to spray any oil based products, and if you plan on spraying paint I would suggest a larger tip / needle, and might have to think the paint a little bit depending on the type. A great entry level unit to spray basic products.

    I got to know Don who is the sales rep for Earlex in Canada, a fantastic guy to deal with if you have any questions or need any parts. I would email him and within a day or two I would receive the parts. He even delivered the new sprayport system to my shop a few years back, and just recently stopped by to drop off a larger tip / needle set for me.

    Kamloops, BC

    Sorry for the thread resurrection… But yes, as stated above, Don was great to deal with… He returned my call /voicemail within the hour and said that he could have parts to me within 3 days.
    I did end up getting the Spray Station, and so far it’s been pretty good. It will spray thinned interior acrylic with the right needle set, it does have minimal overspray, and it is really easy to use and adjust.
    For anyone looking to get into a sub $500 unit for occasional spraying I’d recommend it 👍.

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    That’s great to here reps do care about there products . Most of them don’t care when you call up with a concern over there product .

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    I have the Earlex as well, and I have used it to spray oil based, alcohol based (shellac) finishes with the correct tips and it works fine, even with my mediocre skills.


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    I use a titan 440 airless for all mu finished, I have one set up for clear finishes and one for paint. they work great.


    i think it is good enough and spray shiny.

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