Drywallers among us ?

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    Swedesboro, New Jersey

    I have a project coming up and was thinking about subbing out the drywall and wonder what the rate is for hanging and finishing rock .


    Bloomington, IN

    I have a project coming up and was thinking about subbing out the drywall and wonder what the rate is for hanging and finishing rock .

    I doubt you’ll get a consensus here. Typically, forums such as BTP frown upon pricing posts because there is such a wide range of prices from area to area….and a ton a variables that can affect the price as well.

    Jon P.
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    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    we had a metal stud and drywall guy from Milwaukee here, but I have not seen him post in quite a while. I can not find him in a search not, but I do not exactly remember how his screen name was spelled.

    Realistically I think the numbers vary so much region to region that most of us would not be much help.

    Around here it varies by the height of the wall and ceiling and if it is metal studs or not.


    East Palestine, Ohio

    Jon and Kurt are both right – prices vary too much by region.

    Also, the forum does prefer to stay away from direct pricing questions. Discussing how to figure out the way to price something is a good business discussion and that type of question is encouraged; but it seems like once direct pricing questions start they don’t stop.


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    Wayne, NJ

    I live in new jersey and prices depends on how big is the job what kind of stud. You cant really go by board on residential jobs @jerrysats also how many electrical cuts that needs to be made but I pay 15$ for board just labor




    Around here it depends on whether the drywaller is on drugs or not. The best taper texture guy I know is on some sort of drug, no idea what it is, but it is clear and obvious he is addicted. But his work, and his work ethic, and his energy… beyond compare.

    He’s like the energizer bunny. You say show up at 7 am, he’s there at 6 am. He does incredible work… you can see the expertise in his technique, especially finishing (which is an entirely different game than hanging).

    His price? “Pay me whatever you want. Whatever you think is fair.” Then he goes in and busts his donkey. Perfects ceilings in one tenth the time that other CREWS need to get it done.

    It isn’t about the “rate”. It’s about the person doing the work.


    New Franklin, OH

    I use this web site to get a idea of what labor costs. It goes by where you live. It is very thorough and breaks everything down. It is free.

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