Dirt to Doorknobs: Another great article stating the case for trade education.

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    I find that so many times I here the successful office type saying that they’d like to do what I do and I think to myself I’d love to do what they do and have the money and security that comes with a real job. To drive a car around instead of a work truck. To go on a vacation and know I have a job when I return…., A retirement account??? What’s that??? To wear clean close.. Oh and I thank my god that I just don’t know and wish that I was born a thousand years ago,,,

    Just keep chugging. That’s what I keep telling myself. One day I’ll break free and make more money. With that I’ll be able to put money away into a retirement account and such. Right now with young kids it seems no matter how much I make it all disappears anyway lol.

    Having kids is tough on the wallet. I never could save anything when they were home.

    Seems the money disappears no matter what I do to keep it. It’s always something.

Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)
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