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    Ajax, ON

    I need to look into deck lights at some point. Is there a Cadillac brand out there?

    @ Doobie..heard alot of good things , and read great reviews on Aurora

    Thanks Tara!


    Wannabee pro.


    Montreal , QC, Canada

    <P>… but just is starting again, almost like water seeps behind it.</P>

    <P>If the fogging is behind the surface and disappears if it gets hot and dry (or taken inside) moisture is getting in somewhere. Even the water from humid air can condense when it cools, then it stays there.<BR>The in-leakage could be around the solar collector or the photocell. A thin smear of sealant around both can cure that. Where the parts come together is harder. I have some with O-rings. Others are just plastic on plastic, screwed together, with the batteries inside. Yet others have a little clip cover over the batteries like the old portable radios did. They are convenient – but only to clean corroded battery terminals or contacts.<BR>No problems yet with the collector cover.</P>

    <P>I have a lot of lighting in my yard but they aren’t bright enough to irritate anyone and just enough to see where im going</P>

    <P>There seems to be an (inter?)national movement to reduce light pollution and in some cities and neighborhoods it’s required that exterior lighting cast a pool of light in the lit area – nothing out, nothing up. I’m all for it.<BR>From my house, I can see five streetlights, a couple neighbors leave their porch lights on, some leave their driveway lights on (though a couple have motion sensors), both of my immediate neighbors have pole lights in the yard, and both have lights in the back yard – one for the dogs and the other thinks they’re ‘pretty’ (all night).<BR>A Department of Justice study shows that lighting provides no additional security except in mall parking lots, but it makes people feel better.<BR>I’ve addressed my HOA and they’re not going to do anything. I’m stuck.</P>

    I will take a closer look at them , and will try to remember to post a picture, maybe you will have some more great insight , thanks for the tips

    @TaraC thanks for that,


    South Kingstown, RI

    I’ve used the Timbertech riser lights without issue. I used to use De-Kor riser lights, but the silly film covers they had for them were always falling off.

    I’ve used Aurora lights on posts without issue.

    Well that’s just great. I just ordered 28 of the dot lights from Dekor.



    @doobie and @ethanb…you both are very welcome



    I would say Desk LED lights are the most valuable options now a days which not only cheaper but cuts electricity bills also.

    Lets make a beautiful World !!


    Durham region, ON

    I would say Desk LED lights are the most valuable options now a days which not only cheaper but cuts electricity bills also.

    what are desk led lights? you put regular indoor led lights outside on the deck?



    I would say Desk LED lights are the most valuable options now a days which not only cheaper but cuts electricity bills also.

    Hello, Desk LED? I see you are new so Welcome but you’re going to have to update your profile to be correct and please read the forum rules. http://bethepro.com/forums/topic/the-rules-of-bethepro-please-read-before-posting/




    Sorry it was typo mistake, its not DESK, its DECK. Sorry my mistake.

    Lets make a beautiful World !!



    Yeah sure, I have to. Thanks for informing.

    Lets make a beautiful World !!


    Same problem! The Timbertech post deck lights look nice, but the inner electrical
    in them is complete garbage. I went to LED.COM and bought new LED socket lamp holder with LED replaceable LED bulbs. Had to remove old module and screw in new one. I had those lights blowing out every summer for no reason what so ever. It’s been 2 solid years now and not one light has had any problem. It cost me around 100 bucks to rewire 18 post lights and that even included 2 spare module a few spare bulbs. If anyone interested the socket lamp holder is SKU# 43644 and the bulbs are SKU # 47654W Just posting this info because of all the frustration I went through with zero help besides replacements from Timbertech…once that warranty would have ran out I’d be at their mercy buying new lights…screw that! It took very slight modification to screw the lamp socket in after removing the old inner workings…so happy with the lights now!

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