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    Okay this is a forward cuz I’m impressed with this tool I have been doing residential Light commercial construction pretty much all my life I’m 36 years old and for 20 years I have been doing construction more residential than Commercial . So let me get to the point I have just purchased one of the new Dewalt cordless framing nailers with the adjustable speed let me tell you and all my years of doing this type of work in this industry this is the best framing nailer in its class you can take those sorry-ass pasload gun and throw it right out the window going 75 down the highway and try to run it back over next time you go that way. LOL but seriously if you want a cordless framing nailer that puts the Paslode to Shame by yourself the new dewalt framer. I thought I was going to have buyer’s remorse after s the four hundred and some dollars but after I used it the first time insecurities are gone

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    I have a hard time believing it does better than the pasalode. I haven’t used one but have seen plenty of reviews for it and everyone has said it’s good for punch out or quick stuff. It is the best battery powered gasless gun. Out there because it’s the only one. My pasalode is about 12 years old and still kicking. I have dropped it of a roof or 2 and it works great. Nothing beats pneumatic for production but the pasalode can do pretty good keeping up.

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    I’ve tried the 20v framing nailer, and was impressed. It’s a good gun, but it definitely feels heavier than a Pasalode.

    I use pasalodes for 90% of my framing instead of running hoses and listening to the compressor and just don’t feel from my experience that the Dewalt with no gas could keep up.

    Again, like I said I like it and it’s a nice tool and even saves having a random stand alone battery platform, but I don’t feel like it could stand up to all day every day abuse.

    Durham region, ON

    well there is only one way to prove it, put it on video, lets see just the comparison


    Well guys like I said I just bought today the repeating speed far faster than my old paslode now
    I have not tried the new paslode yet either. Not saying that it is not a good gun but from my personal experiences with my old paslode ill never buy another one
    I had to go through heck to try to get them to honor there products warranty and spent enough money on repairs for it I could have bought 2 . If you guys have had better experiences with paslode and their company that is good for you but for me they did not fulfill there commitments promised. Also if you have tried the dewalt and had a bad experience with it make sure to read hand book not saying that anyone didn’t but there are a couple of features I did not realize were there u@ntil I did
    . thank y’all for replies and remember tighten up every chance you get.

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    Anyone else think this is sketchy… This account was created only to post about this one tool??


    With a name like robot master and talking about sketchy no I’m not making any money of of dewalt and there not paying me to talk good about there product . wish they were . as much shit as I’ve bought from them.

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    You asked you shall recieve

    Dewalt toolsreview

    Murray, KY

    @Completelyconstruction, welcome to the forum. Hopefully you have some good input on here besides this review! How about posting an introduction in that thread? Or maybe you have already.


    Your sig line says “Dewalt ToolReviews”.

    You just came on here and started wildly overstating your passion for a tool that you have admittedly only had for a few hours.

    And what the hell does this even mean?

    remember tighten up every chance you get.

    Those of us who have been in trades for the better part of our lives, know what a tradesman sounds like. And you don’t sound legitimate.

    @Dabbs @woodman412


    Bloomington, IN

    You asked you shall recieve

    , your post is missing the pic/video!

    As Delta mentioned, there are a few of us that are wary. I’m happy to give you her chance to shut us up and prove us wrong here…let’s see what you’ve got.

    Jon P.
    Timber Carpentry & Construction


    Been using it all day long bo.
    Yum yum betcha some

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    All on this thread, let’s remember the golden rule of BTP – treat everyone with respect. OR…..

    Email us at bethepro@bethepro.com


    All apologies I was just happy to be able to share in some progress with a purchase that I had made .
    For my business I can’t afford a
    Tool like that every day .
    Tryin to ease someone’s mind if they are having difficulty making decision. Next time ill just keep my mouth shut . Don’t wanna puss the haters off.

    Dewalt toolsreview

    Akron, OH

    I will give it to you guys straight. I bought two of the Paslodes brand new about 10 years ago. We initially liked them, but they just proved too tempermental in the long run. By long run, I am talking like 6 months. After about a year, we gave up completely.

    Two years ago, I bought one of the Dewalts. At the time, I said if it worked well, I would buy a second in 6 months. 6 months later, I bought the second one. Both guns have worked really well, and still get used at least once weekly. Even if we have air rolled out, I will still usually have one of the cordless out too. They are a bit bulky, but they fire very consistently, something that was sorely missing with the Paslodes. We run predominately spikes through them, and always Genuine Sencos. It will jam occasionally with 6d nails or any generic spike.

    So far, in two plus years, I have had repair on just one gun, one time. It was under warranty, but took a couple months to get back. Both guns are working well at the moment, and show no signs of slowing down. As someone who has had both Paslode and now Dewalt cordless, I can tell you that for me, it isn’t even close.

    halifax, nova scotia

    both guns have their plus’s and minuses… the dewalt suffers severely in the cold and for sinking into 2 ply lvls from what ive seen… the paslodes from not being cleaned regularly and making sure your running fresh gas cylinders

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    I have had the Dewalt about a year now and it still works like new. It must have shot about 20k nails now.

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    doer of all , master of none.


    Yep that is exactly how mine performed for me today. I will say 1 and only thing I am not digging is the weight other than that I have no other issues . in time I’m sure they will modify it to be lighter. Still will not think about buying anything different though. Thank god no more fuel cells to have to buy . I havnt had a jam yet and the battery lasted me all day I wasn’t tacking walls together or anything but it more than proved itself to me first time in a while I have been pleasantly surprised by a tool.

    Dewalt toolsreview

    halifax, nova scotia

    my biggest beef with teh dewalt cordless framer is the weight.. . its much heavier than the paslode and is very unbalanced… personally i have well above average upper body strength and the balance of the gun makes it feel twice as heavy as it actually is… that sort of thing contributes greatly to user fatigue

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    Yes I agree but back to what these guns are actually made for small
    Fast jobs where set up time is will cost you .I will not be breaking it out to frame houses
    But for repair work you can’t beat it if you are in someone’s home with furniture and shit all over the place there is nothing better than walking in knowing you have this gun in your arsenal.don’t have to worry about the house grabbing somethi@g and breaking it
    No oil spitting out of the nose on painted walls . if they have pets you don’t have to worry about you hose getting attacked. It that convience that your paying for above all else.the only way I would break this gun out on a new frame job is if I’m walking through with inspector on framing inspection and there are some nails missing. To each there own of course get what you can out of it because your going to pay for it regardless. All in all I fell in love with it right out of the box as I’m sure you guys can tell.

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