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    So container homes are the current trend. Working in electrical I get a lot of people asking to work on their container houses but I can’t since I don’t know much about them. So currently a childhood friend of mine has asked me to help me with his new container house and I could not say no. So I’ve decided this to learn new things myself.
    I have a few doubts about this , are there any standards for container building electrical? Does this differ from container to container? He has got a 40ft container from this ( http://www.securecontainer.ca/secure-container-in-toronto/ ) company in Toronto. Does this matter?

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    @ChadM do you have any info on this container stuff? It’s a nice link??


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    It may differ more from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, than from container to container. In the other “CA” (California), southern California specifically, “a bonded common grounding electrode shall be provided for each metal building, exposed metalframe, ramp, stair and the electrical system.” If the walls are not firred out, then the electrical code for metal buildings, including the use of enclosed metal conduit and boxes, with a green ground wire pulled through, would also be required.

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    Is he insulation the container, I know a company around here has panels specifically made to fit into the walls of the container. I have thought about this and my idea was to furr the whole thing with 1 5/8 studs then wire through he studs and spray foam the whole interior. studs could be located over the out rubs to give room for deeper boxes.

    I was looking at it from a building perspective and not an electrical code perspective however.

    I would think you would want it uninsulated, here we have a couple for storage and in the summer they get to 120 degrees and they match the outside temp in the winter.

    My biggest dilemma when looking into a container structure was insulating the floor properly and protecting whatever your do from pests and rodents.

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    I would venture to say that CB is right – treat it like a metal building. I’m sure that as (if) these become more popular code will begin to address the specific issues containers present.


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