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    Ok so here is the deal. In order for me to get on par with a multi-faceted industry I must learn concrete injection for crack and water damage repair. My first experience has been this week and goes as follows.

    Ok so here it is @moze the concrete injection crack sealing I’m working on we are using MME Multiurathanes.com. Here we are having some water issues. The ports or Packers will be installed on an angle every ‘ or less alternating sides along the crack. These are pre-drilled, dust blown out and a spray of water into the hole, then the packers are tapped in. Next we install the nipples with an impact gun on each packer/port we tapped in. Once these packers are prepared we will inject a crack and concrete cleaner/acid. This will open, chase and clean the crack on the inside of the wall if the packers were placed accurately. Your not going to get 💯 of the packers to work. After the step of cleaning the crack we will use a second manual pump to inject the MME epoxy. This is a very visscus fluid and will fill into the crack and buble out any areas. The idea here is to pump until the epoxy has worked it way along the entire crack. The tip here was from another worker where we tape the end of the pump attachment with pliers to easily connect and disconnect from the nipples. This fluid is very slippery so cleaning the nozzle and tip every time is good practice. If the process is not working you will not be able to pump any acid wash or epoxy at all with the pump. Also we noticed the gaskets would get used up and ordered spares. Cleaning of the equipment is key!

    Also we have been using a crystalline waterproofer that chases water by StonCoreCorp called Vandex Super.

    I just tonight besides touching base with both these manufactures the past two days have also networked with a few more companies such as Raven Lining.

    I hope to provide a huge insight into this process and my hands on use of the products going forward. Glad to share


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    Saw your posts on Instagram about this, and wondered what exactly it was you were doing. Good to see this explanation.

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    Pretty cool system Chris…Looking forward to reading more about this.


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    Interesting stuff, thanks again for posting a detailed breakdown!

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    Interesting information Chris. Thank you for posting.

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    I’ll have to try and follow this. I read a little on it in the past. I know water in the crack adds in the expansion of the foam thats used.

    What kind of strength or cure time does the epoxy provide? Does it also require carbon straps to stabilize the fill?

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    great little review chris, thanks for taking the time. looking forward to see more about it.

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    I’ve done quite a few foundation repairs. I run a grinder into the crack which gives a clean surface and will dislodge weaker material. I prefer to use a 3/16″ x 6″ masonary bit in the crack as opposed to drilling at an angle. The thinner bit can bend slightly to follow the crack. I will angle drill if the previous methods don’t seem to provide enough opening for the material. Ureathane foam is my preferred injection material. I never heard of injection with acid wash to clean but maybe different manufacturer’s have different requirements. I just flood the crack with water through the ports.

    Quickly flowing water requires a different method and I use crystalline products mixed with hydraulic cement for that.


    Thanks for the posts guys, I have never done this, but I may need to remediate some cracks in a basement wall and this helps educate me.


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