Concrete finishing

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    Listowel, ON

    Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm.
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    Mt Prospect, IL

    Great video.

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    Ajax, ON

    Those guys are good! Damn Good!


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    New Franklin, OH

    I find everything about concrete is hard work. Best to let the pros like these guys handle it.
    Thanks for sharing the video !


    elmwood park, NJ

    Yeah let the Masons handle it. I large slab once and almost screwed it up with timing, curing, and combing.

    Then I saw some young guys take on a store front walk way that totally got away from them. Came out horrible and everybody got to observe it. Ultimately it got jack hammered and redone.

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    Honolulu,, Hi.

    Nice video,, he really builds it up tho. Here are some shots of the slap across the street from my job ..


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    halifax, nova scotia

    ive only dabbled in concrete finishing. patching in basement slabs and trowling off icf pours.. its definitely grueling work.. hats off to the guys that do it every day

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    Murray, KY

    Concrete pros always make it look easy, I haven’t yet attained that status! I’ve helped with some pours, but it’s always been HARD WORK!


    Ajax, ON

    I actually just watched it a second time and bookmarked it I was so impressed. I’m gonna refer back to it for inspiration and encouragememt when I need to lay a couple of small jobs likely next year. One for my pool mechanicals at the side of my house along with a space for a NG generator, the other for a lean-to shed for my snow blower and lawn mower. I really like concrete work, but I’m getting old for that kind of work, but it is likely I’m gonna have to do this all myself with the help of my young teenage son. He seemed to really like concrete work when I poured a couple of piers last year in which he helped me out gladly once we got going versus looking to running away to get back to his computer.

    Wish I coulda found a crew like this a few years ago when I was planning my 10×20 shed and a sauna building pad, but crews for any concrete work are hard to engage for small jobs that I had to go and get piers done instead for those two small accesory structures I wanted to build as the five or so places I tried calling for slab work in my area none ever even returned my calls. The Toronto area is so construction booming for so many years now that nobody in concrete worth a dime wants to touch what they consider small jobs.


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    Fayetteville, NC

    Excellent video. Thank you for posting. Nice concrete can really make a job stand out.

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    Fayetteville, NC


    Madoc, ON

    That is a great video. I enjoyed it.


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