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    PIttsburgh, PA

    So my old porter cable pancake is finally on its last legs after a good 5 years of service. I’m looking at getting something new. I’m up in the air between three right now. Has anyone had any experience with any of these?

    this one looks sweet. light, quiet, cheap, solid service from the company according to reviews
    only downside is the single air port.

    this looks nice too. bigger unit, rated for continuous duty cycle. might need to rework the storage spot in my van for it.

    this would be a great fit, 2 air ports, twin tank, nice size. but an extra 100 bucks.

    Bloomington, IN

    I have the Makita. It’s super quiet and pumps a lot of air for its size…but I’m sure you are aware, it’s Heavy! Buy or build a cart for it.

    Jon P.
    Timber Carpentry & Construction


    What’s wrong with your PC? They can easily be rebuilt but usually it’s just the reed valves, And that’s not an expensive fix…Just saying 🙂 …..Getting a new one is fun too. Good Luck

    PIttsburgh, PA

    The cart is a good idea. I’ve seen some good ideas online for that.

    PIttsburgh, PA

    What’s wrong with your PC? They can easily be rebuilt but usually it’s just the reed valves, And that’s not an expensive fix…Just saying :) …..Getting a new one is fun too. Good Luck

    It’s leaking everywhere, and it’s loud, the motor started sounding really weird. It still works, but if like something newer, and quiet.

    And the regulator isn’t very good, it doesn’t seem to drive consistently on any of my guns.

    halifax, nova scotia

    go with the rol-air or makita.. i wouldnt waste the time or money fixing the porter cable. the pc is a throw away compressor

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    I have the Rolair JC10 for about 2 years now. It does not get regular use, but it is a pleasure to use when I do use it. Very quiet and Rolair has excellent US based customer service support. There was a known issue with the drain valve which they took care of no problem with a replacement one of a different design at no charge.

    In talking to them on the phone, I was told that their compressor motors are basically the same ones that are used in certain hospital equipment and is why they are so quiet. Truly a huge difference from other compressors I have used.

    There’s a new model I heard about they released recently that is even lighter than the JC10 if portability is a constant you may want to look at. I think it is this one at only 25lbs versus close to 40 lbs for the JC10.



    I have had 2 King Canada 1. 1.5 gallon have had it for 15 years it even fell off the back of my truck once, as I opened the door it tumbled to the ground, the only thing that happened was that the aluminum housing cracked at the bolt on portion, it is still working. The other one is a 4 gallon double tank. It also serves me well, and have had it for about 8 years. But I have heard very glad things about the Makita, and recently on cool tools, they did a re of the Rolair and said it was strong and very quiet. I would say go with either the Makita or Rolair.

    PIttsburgh, PA

    The air buddy seems like it might be a little small for my needs. Im probably gonna go for the mac2400 or the jc10.

    decisions decisions….

    Kamloops, BC

    Go for the JC10.
    We use the same one at work (I have a Senco for personal use, but use the company’s JC10 for framing and sheathing), and I’ve had no complaints with it so far.
    It takes less time to cycle than the pancake style compressors, is at least 1/3 quieter (not scientifically measured :D), and isn’t that heavy when compared to that Makita unit you posted.
    The only downside I’ve noticed so far has been the factory couplers on it…the main one leaks but that is an easy fix.
    So for all intents and purposes I’d say it’s a great compressor overall.

    Good luck.

    Lurking Hit and Run poster.


    If you want to take a look through this thread it might prove to be helpful

    I like the Rolair JC10 but I am not a pro and have not put mine to a daily grind by any means.

    It seems like the Senco PC1010 could be another interesting option for you

    John S


    For small trim tasks the Senco 1010 is great! Easily handles finish work. If you want to do anything more than that the JC10 has been praised over and over on a bunch of forums.


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    PIttsburgh, PA

    I’ve got a 4000 sq ft house to trim out next, and I do I but of framing. No full houses, but interior renovation work and the occasional garage or something. That’s why the bull was initially on my list, but it just seems too bulky for most of my work. I’m between the jc10 and the mac2400. There are a few places near me that sell rolair, I’m gonna go next week and check it out.

    The Mac on a wheeled cart seemed like it could be a pretty sweet set up for trim work though, I often run a 16 and an 18 or an 18 and a 23 and having both set up at once would be super helpful.

    Belgrave, Ontario , Canada

    I have 4 compressors including a Porter Cable pancake which I use the most when I build birdhouses , I like that it is very portable .

    Akron, OH

    I am a compressor junkie. Had two meet their demise this year, but I added one, and my current tally is still 6. I never really spent big bucks for one, because I know we abuse them, and as long as we get the air we need, I am satisfied. One of my reqcent kills was bought over 3 years ago when we were working out of town. Our go to compressor died, and we needed an immediate replacement. I bought a Husky 8 gallon for $129 at the Depot. We worked that thing hard on many sites over it’s 3 1/2 year life. I bought a similar one a few months ago for $99, but I am not convinced it is nearly as good.

    My go to now is a Craftsman professional with twin cylinders. very quiet, and plenty of power. I have owned it for about 8 years and have rebuilt it twice. The parts are becoming difficult to find though, so the next crash may be the last. I think that one was about $450.


    Here is another Makita and no cart to make and 20 dollars more


    Anaheim Hills, Cali

    I have the Rolair vt20tb is a great compressor, and it has wheels. I don’t think you can go wrong with anything Rolair.


    How about this one?


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    I have two craftsman compressor ‘s . Like the ones in the photos . There old and need to be retired . Not sure either which ones to buy next .

    Always willing to learn .

    Rogers, Ohio

    I know several guys who have Rolair compressors and all of them swear by them and say that is the only brand of compressor they will buy now.


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