Clamps? What's your favorite?


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    Durham region, ON

    I don’t know if anything can take the place of revos, i feel like they have reach the peak with revos. I just have pipe clamps as well as they are cheaper than revos but eventually when I can, i’ll replace it all with revos.

    I would not look to them as a Revo equivalent. However there are some times when you really need to pull things together. I can see these being easier on your wrists with the way they tighten versus the Revos.

    lol you guys should talk to 58chev lol he bent one of my pipe clamps so much i am having trouble taking it apart to replace the pipe lol.

    I must have been the cheap overseas black pipe you are using.
    I only wrenched down on them to bring the bench top together, not one of mt pipe clamps bent, but then again I am using galvanized pipe which has a thicker wall than just regular black pipe.

    er it was the ones I got from home depot and lowes, thought they would be up to the task really.

Viewing 221 post (of 221 total)
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