Claim and take "ownership" of your Google Map/Places listing…

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    Before someone else does.

    And then changes the phone number on you.

    To a call forwarding service.

    That forwards calls intended for your business….

    To your competitor.

    And then has the temerity,

    To wait a few weeks before calling you up, and

    falsely identifies themselves as a

    “Verification Partner of Google”

    All the while knowing that by this time your repeat customers who know you, but who don’t remember your phone number, have Googled you to find your phone number, have called it, only for the phone number to be answered by your competitor, so then called your cellphone to alert you, inspiring you to Google your business yourself, only to find that a listing that you did not inspire or create in the first place, but that uses your name and your likeness and even a photo of your building, along with your address… is directing your customers to your competitor….

    That’s when they call you.

    To fix the problem….

    That they themselves created.

    In order to extort money from you…

    To fix it faster than the 7 day waiting period that Google My Business imposes on ownership of listing changes.

    I didn’t pay the extortion.

    But we are paying the price of seven more days waiting… while potential customers call a number on our contact page… only to be greeted by our competitor.

    What are we waiting for? We’re waiting while Google asks for “permission” from the current “owner” of our company contact listing, to see if they will grant ownership back to us.

    That’s akin to the police sending a car thief an email, asking for the thief’s permission to give the car back to the rightful owner, and giving the thief seven days to think about it, while the rightful owner is left without transportation.

    Despite being in business for over three decades, a decade or more before Google was even a thought in anyone’s imagination, Google has become the go to gatekeeper, that determines contact information through crowd sourcing. Anyone in the crowd can change it.

    Four hours on the phone with difficult to understand Google employees in India, when Google headquarter’s is less than one hour’s drive away. Offers to personally bring government issued photo ID, contractor’s licenses (Gen A/B and specialty), a binder of business licenses for each and every city we contract in, Insurance certificates, Worker’s Comp certificates, Dun & Bradstreet registration number, Department of Industrial Relations number, MCP number, CA number, Deed of Trust of the property the business assets sit on…. to Google’s headquarters were flatly rejected. The proof of business ownership that is far more credible to Google is the email (which I do not recognize) and password (which I did not create) of whomever the cyber hack was who took claimed and took ownership of the free business listing on Google that I did not create.

    THEY own control of where phone calls are routed to, when potential customers google our business. And we have to wait for their permission to get control back.

    Don’t let this happen to you.

    If any online entity has created a listing for your business, and offers the option for you to “claim” it, then proactively seek it out and claim it, before cyber extortionist beat you to it.


    North Bay, ON

    That’s just an unbelievable story. So much for social media. Google’s response is hardly the kind of customer service we should expect either.



    Unbelievable. Yes. I believe that is the exact adjective I uttered all morning yesterday, colored with a few invective modifiers.

    Sadly, we are not alone. Read, and weep for our Brave New World…




    Just remember – google is a private company. They do not work for the people. They work for their profit margin and their customers

    They are a free service, selling advertising. The people using it are NOT their customers. We are their PRODUCTS.

    They don’t chose, want, or need to care what happens if it doesn’t affect their revenue stream.

    The above is one of thousands of great examples why we never should have let an advertising company have this much power over our identities. Google, Facebook, and others like them do not care about what you say so long as you are not a customer. If you pay them for something, then and only then do they care in the least, and only so far as the hassle must be low enough to be an easy fix – because you are not a big advertiser, you are the product


    Fayetteville, NC

    Just remember – google is a private company. They do not work for the people. They work for their profit margin and their customers

    So true Google is not a benevolent enterprise.

    Automotive Pro
    Fayetteville, NC

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