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    I was hoping that someone could help me here that has much experience with concrete floors.

    I purchased a building that was constructed in 1920/1921.
    It’s brick wall construction with a poured concrete slab floor.
    Over the floor was 2″ thick southern yellow pine boards.
    Face-nailed into wood sleepers. The sleepers were installed then concrete was poured around the sleepers. It’s a nominal 6 inch thick concrete floor.

    The concrete has a cinder & stone aggregate. I would say a lightweight concrete.

    I have removed all the wood flooring due to wear and heavy grease on the boards. The concrete is in good condition without cracks. There was always machinery in this building. But on top of the 2″ thick boards.

    My question is: What PSI do you think this concrete is rated to?
    Will it support say a 10K pound machine that rests on six leveling feet in a 4’x 4′ area?

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