Built in bench project.

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    New Franklin, OH

    Well that stinks ! Did you even get them on site so they could see it?

    North Bay, ON

    Well that really bites but sounds like you can do ok on the deal.

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    Kamloops, BC

    Well that stinks ! Did you even get them on site so they could see it?

    No, they went to check them out before the upholstery was installed… They were counting on having at least 20″ of space per seat, but ultimately it came out to 49″ and 52″ on each side.
    Like I said, the mistake was on my part was not communicating to them the finished build size, but given the location of the build those had to be the parameters.

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    Do you think it was a way for them to get out your contract . With the 20″ thing .

    Always willing to learn .

    Kamloops, BC

    No, they have been pretty good through all of this.
    The 20″ thing was just based on the seating they already have there and if one were to check a design book, or the Architectural Graphic Standards book…14″ to 20″ is fairly standard for comfortable seating widths.
    The limitations were at the site itself, as the right side of the bench had to abut a column. I thought about eliminating the angled console to gain some more space, but it would have been a small (relatively) gain.

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    Bloomington, IN

    Chalk this one up to poor communication on my end (regarding the finished size of the assemblies).

    I’ve been there man..luckily the job still got completed, but I had to completely retool my design. I’ve resorted to using pictures on google as well as sketches whenever I can to avoid any miscommunication.

    Jon P.
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    PIttsburgh, PA

    oof, thats a bummer

    Etobicoke, ON

    Too bad it didn’t fully work out.
    Hopefully they will take you up on your offer of a days labour not have ill will towards you and your company.

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    I just caught back up on this thread, that really sucks, I have experienced similar mis-communication issues with people who do not have the same abilities to visualize or without good spatial perception, and they almost seem to think you can be magical. Sometimes even pictures don’t help, then you hear things like, it looked bigger in the picture :), good luck and I hope you can do something with the project.



    That’s a shame on the 180. It can happen on occasion no matter how hard we try.

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