BTP Review: Knipex Pliers – Cobra® Hightech Water Pump

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    When it comes to pliers, Knipex is king.

    Knipex pliers - Cobra selection.Knipex pliers are the Cadillac of hand tools.  Specifically the The KNIPEX Cobra® Hightech Water Pump Pliers offer a range of benefits that most users will find more than useful. After I purchased my first pair of Knipex pliers a few years ago, I knew there was no turning back for me. The COBRA® water pump pliers come in a few different finishes and styles of handles for many different applications. If you are worried about rust issues they are also available in the same chrome finish as the pliers wrench. A lot of people prefer the comfort grip handles but I think the standard red rubber handles hold up great and are just as comfortable. They also come in a wide range of sizes from 6 inch to 22 inches depending on what you need.

    Knipex Pliers offer easy adjustment in any position

    Knipex pliers have 25 different size adjustments.One of my favorite things about these Knipex pliers is the ability to do quick “on the fly” adjustments. The Knipex Cobras can quickly be adjusted with the handles fully open, closed, or anywhere in between. This takes some guess work out of finding the right size because you can set the size by adjusting the pliers directly on the workpiece. With 25 different jaw positions you should be able to easily find the size you need. Another nice added feature is that when you have them set to the biggest size the handles will not come together and pinch your hands. (I’ve had this problem with Channelock pliers before.)

    Your Knipex Pliers handle an array of different jobs.

    Knipex pliers in action.I use the Cobra’s mostly for tightening/loosening pipe, threaded rod, nuts and bolts. I would not recommend using these Knipex pliers on brass valves or chrome finishes. They have very aggressive jaws that will leave scratches on softer surfaces. The way the jaws are shaped makes them great for use on round materials or anything with flat edges. They almost have the ability to lock on with very little pressure applied. The teeth on the jaws are incredibly well designed, the people at Knipex even make a bar so that you can test the gripping strength by standing on the handles. I would recommend cleaning the jaws out regularly though because they do tend to get a bit clogged up. I usually just use a small wire brush to get all of the gunk out of the jaws, after they’re cleaned they’ll feel brand new again.

    Sure these Knipex COBRA® pliers cost a little more (around $40 for the 10 inch version) but you really are paying for the quality here. Knipex is a great company with outstanding customer service and a great reputation.

    Knipex pliers are great for holding pipe.




    Nice review on the knipex pliers . @kswiss

    Always willing to learn .

    Toronto, ON

    Thanks for the review on the Knipex Cobra Pliers @Kswiss! Always looking for high quality brands that I’m not aware of and these seem to fit the bill. Will have my eyes open for Knipex in the future.

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    Holladay, Tn

    Good review. Sound like a great pair of pliers.


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    west bend, wi

    very nice thanks for the review


    Nice review, thanks. Really liked your details about the adjustments and on the fly use.


    Great review kswiss!

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    doer of all , master of none.


    Thanks for the review. Will have to see if any stores local to me carry the brand.

    Bloomington, IN

    Good review! I have been trading out my Channellocks for Knipex tools over the past few months and have been very happy with them. All of my pump pliers are the Alligator style. I think I’ll grab a pair of Cobras to try out.

    Jon P.
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    edmonton, AB

    I have a pair of the alligators too but prefer the cobras

    Fayetteville, NC

    @kswiss nice review on a great set of pliers. Yes they cost more than others but well worth it.

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    Thanks guys more reviews are in the works.

    Calgary, Alberta

    Great review, I have the same Knipex set and they are really fantastic. Despite the light weight they are every bit as tough as the ChannelLocks I have.

    edmonton, AB

    I like the fact that they’re lighter, them seem to fit into tighter spots than the old blue handles


    Fun to see a different category of tool being reviewed – well done @kswiss, and excellent pics!

    Do you have any more comments on preferring this style in comparison to the pliers wrench?


    John S

    Colorado Springs, CO

    Thank you for the review, reviews always help put things into perspective for me.

    edmonton, AB

    Do you have any more comments on preferring this style in comparison to the pliers wrench?

    I can’t really say I prefer one or the other. I’m constantly using both and I have a few different sizes of each type. pliers wrench for flat surfaces cobras for round usually.


    Here I am trying to save money and people have to come along and show me what I’m missing 😉

    Nice review.

    edmonton, AB

    Thanks Sam RIP your bank account


    Nice review. Thanks for taking the time.

    Switched my water pumps over to Knipex from Channellock a while back. Still have a lot of Klein in my bag, but did also change over to their lineman’s and diagonals.

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