Btp Review: DDS182 EC compact brushless drill

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    I would like to start off here by first thanking Jim and all of those behind the scenes at Be the Pro. It is because of those at BTP that we have the ability to try out all of these great tools and discuss real world projects and problems with fellow pros. I had used some points here on the website to redeem for the 18v brushless combo kit. The kit comes with the DDS182 EC compact brushless drill, and the IDH182 EC socket ready impact driver. Today’s review will just be focusing on the compact drill.

    Brushless technology is not all that new to me; I’ve been using a Dewalt brushless combo kit for over a year now so I had a pretty good idea of how the Bosch should perform. I can’t say that I was blown away by this drill but it has performed very well for what I’ve used it for, and there aren’t many things that it would not do. The drill comes with two 2.0 amp hr. batteries. If you plan on doing any constant work with this kit throughout the day I would suggest that you get a couple extra batteries or some bigger ones. I really wish the kit would come standard with 4.0 batteries like many of the competitors brushless kits do. With the 2.0 batteries alone the kit altogether feels a bit underpowered. If you are using both the drill and impact at the same time you may be stuck waiting for a fresh battery.

    In an average day I end up drilling a ton of holes of all sizes so a good cordless drill is a must for me. I’ve mainly been using the DDS182 to drill holes that range in size from ½ inch all the way up to 4-5/8 inches. For smaller holes this drill is perfect. From ½ inch to 1-1/2 inch the drill will handle any style of bit with ease; three tooth bits, bi-metal bits even spiral bits and self feeders are no problem. When it comes to bigger holes the drill starts to struggle a little bit. It is only a compact drill though so you can only really expect so much from it. Using a 3 tooth style of bit I’ve been able to drill holes up to 4-5/8, but this was really pushing it. With a hole this big the drill starts to heat up pretty fast and kicks into overload protection mode quite a bit. The drill seems to be more suited for drilling holes 3 inches or smaller in size, no real issues there. The only exception is with the self feed style bits. I’ve attempted to drill a few holes with a 2-9/16 Milwaukee switchblade bit. The drill really had a tough time with these holes. I’ve only successfully completed a few of these holes, the drill usually quits half way through. I tried throwing a 3 inch self feed bit on just for fun and the drill was not even able to turn the bit.

    Overall I’ve been pretty happy with the drill and the impact driver. I probably push the drill a bit more than most would so I’m pretty happy with the performance and durability. Being a compact drill it actually exceeded my expectations. If I could offer any input for improvement I would just change a few things. I think this drill could really use a removable side handle. When you are drilling bigger holes there is nothing to really hold on to, I usually find myself grabbing the battery, which probably causes it to heat up even faster. Another issue that I had is the charger that comes with this kit charges the batteries very slow. It can take up to an hour to charge a fully drained 2.0 battery. If you are looking for a faster charger I suggest the Bosch BC630 fast charger which is also available on the BTP rewards list. Thanks for taking the time to read through my review. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have. I know there are probably a few things that I didn’t cover here.

    I’ve included a short video and a few pictures below.

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    Holladay, Tn

    Nice review kswiss. Sounds like a good drill. I have to agree that the kit could really use the 4.0 battery’s. Or even one 2.0 and a 4.0. But they still have to compete with the other brands. And at that price point most have there smaller amp battery’s in the kits.


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    Thanks for the review, Kyle. Brushless is the only way to go.

    Langley, BC

    Thanks for the review Kyle, very well written. Sounds like this drill performs as it is supposed to and I am not really surprised that it struggles with the larger holes.

    Honolulu,, Hi.

    Thanks for the indepth review in the brushless drill.
    Kswiss you seem to be good at these reviews. Thanks for all the work you do here.


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    Good to hear it can handle big holes. I had a chance to pick one up but didn’t due to the much lower torque rating compare to the brushed version, now I’m kicking myself for not doing it.

    My new rule of acquisition is no more brushed cordless from now on, only brushless.

    edmonton, AB

    Thanks for the kind words guys. I agree that brushless tools are definitely the way to go. All of my future cordless tool purchases will most likely be brushless tools.


    Awesome review @kswiss ! Actually pushing a bit that large with a compact is pretty impressive! Do you think the 4.0 would increase overall power for the tool? Can’t wait to hear what you think of the IDH182 too, I love mine.


    Great review @kswiss. I don’t have many cordless tools but it’s great to see these real world reviews which put the tools to the test in everyday applications.

    You mentioned that you would have preferred higher capacity batteries with this tool. Are the 4.0 batteries available from Bosch if you wish to upgrade?

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    Great review Kyle. Really like the way you wrote it up and covered all the bases as to what we want to know. You have done a few of these and they have all been excellent.

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    edmonton, AB

    You mentioned that you would have preferred higher capacity batteries with this tool. Are the 4.0 batteries available from Bosch if you wish to upgrade?

    You would have to buy the batteries separately, but yes you can get up to 5.0 in North America as far as I know.

    Chris, I think you would see a slight increase in power with a 4.0 battery. The biggest one I have is a 3.0 and I still notice a bit of a difference going to that from the 2.0


    I think the lack of power is what has always held me back from going cordless. I’ve never had torque issues when using conventional corded tools and it always seems like the tool is “struggling” to maintain its’ power.

    I mainly work in my shop so cordless isn’t really an issue for me. I can see where it is a godsend out in the field though, where portability is a must.

    Nice to know that the drill will accept the higher capacity batteries. I’d like to see the review done with these, to see if there is a pronounced effect on the power capabilities of the tool.

    Durham region, ON

    very nice review, any chance of seeing a video where the exact same brushed and brushless drill goes head to head?

    edmonton, AB

    very nice review, any chance of seeing a video where the exact same brushed and brushless drill goes head to head?

    I would like to to do it but unfortunately I don’t own the brushed drill.


    Great review kswiss!

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    Dude (@kswiss), your’re on FIRE with the reviews and it is much appreciated. With this Combo kit coming my way shortly it was a real pleasure to get some more info.
    I agree with the 2.0 Ah seeming a little small for this kit. The first thing I thought when I ordered this was that I had two 4.0Ah batteries in my toolkit already and would be properly prepared. Have to find a better use for the 2.0’s when I get it though. I’ll have to take a look at my two fatpack chargers and see if they are the fast chargers. I think they are and this as you stated may make some 2.0ah 18v backups make more sense.
    Glad your review is positive and I look forward to reading this over after I get this kit in my hands.


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    Hey thanks Chris, I wish I could just write tool reviews all day. You should be pretty happy with this kit, especially with the 4.0 batteries that you already have.


    @kswiss, As always, your reviews and opinions are well appreciated. Thanks for the time and preparation you take to cover these.

    Missouri City, Texas

    @kswiss That is a great review and wish you enjoy your tools

    edmonton, AB

    Thanks guys I am definitely enjoying the drill. It’s become my go to drill at work.

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