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    I used to swear by Hilti (120v) for their rotary hammer drills, however, after owning the 36v Bosch 1/2 hammer drill (and seeing power / battery life), I decided to take the plunge and get one of the 36v Bosch VSR cordless rotary hammer drills (that use the same batteries and chargers).

    This drill is some serious innovation, don’t know any other company with a 36v cordless rotary hammer drill like this (up to 1.25 in holes in concrete / block walls). For anyone doing a reasonable amount of masonry drilling, it is SO worth it. (you don’t have to haul out an extension cord and go hunting for an outlet, especially hard when outside of buildings on ladders).

    It seems in many cases the choice in brands comes down to the function (what tool options that are available from a brand). In regards specifically to cordless, once you’ve started investing in a line of tools, then you don’t really have a choice in switching brands unless you really want to carry extra batteries and chargers for each of the tools.

    I’ve been extremely happy with the Bosch 12v line of tools (including right angle drill, oscillating saw, inspection camera, impactor, hammer drill, mini reciprocating saw, etc..) however, hate seeing at the store how many other legitimate (not the gimmicky ones like the cheap Ry0bi/Cr@ftsman ones) that Mi1waukee has for their similar line. Seems Bosch’s R&D isn’t quite as fast as the others in the industry.


    dave – you ever use cordless hilti in comparison to that bosch?

    John S


    No, I don’t believe at the time that Hilti had something in the 36v range. If I remember reviewing the specs correctly, the Bosch actually edged out over the TE-15 Hilti (corded electric) that I already had, in either RPM / BPM / and also in the max bit size. (I actually use a 1.25in in both drills in some cases, but usually 5/8 in – 1 in). For the TE-15 it wasn’t reversible, and didn’t have a hammer-only function (for chisels).

    I know the models from Hilti vary in features/power but in my case knowing the TE-15 for our use was perfect regarding power and weight, I knew that the Bosch would just be a slight improvement.

    Also, I have to admit as well, that if I knew that a Hilti 36v was available at the time, would have compared specs with the Bosch cordless as well, but bet that regardless the difference in specs (maybe slightly one way or another), the convenience/benefit of having 2 additional of the 36v fat pack batteries and using the same charger would outweigh any performance difference (if any).

    It still goes back in to buying into a system. I just wish that Bosch offered more options of other tools.


    In most cases you really get what you pay for. The question of course is it worth the upgrade.

    I own tools from pretty much every major manufacturer. Certain lines are better from one manufacture to another.

    I do own a few festool products and they are easily better in some ways then their cheaper counterparts. I wish they were little cheaper and I might have more of them.

    Other then some cordless options I tried a long time ago, Bosch has always made quality tools. Unfortunately, they lost my confidence in their cordless tools and it would take something special to try them again. I’m now entrenched in Makita cordless.

    Mark E.

    Pioneer, CA

    Working Pro 1972 - 2015
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    Mark – there are a couple other people who really like the LXT makita line as well. I assume that is what you have?

    John S


    Yes, I have the XLT line. I can’t say that any one tool from their linup is the best cordless out there, but they seem to have almost everything covered and their batteries are great.

    Manufactures must know that the cordless line may be the biggest goal that they should have. No way am I going to buy multiple cordless lines of tools. Batteries and chargers need to be the same for every cordless tool I have and I have a lot of them.

    With corded tools, I’m not particular at all. At any time I can and will buy any manufactures product if it suits my desires. Not so with the cordless tools. I was stuck with DeWalt for many years before I made the switch to Makita.

    Mark E.

    Pioneer, CA

    Working Pro 1972 - 2015
    Member since Jan 22, 2013


    So, so true Mark. Once you are committed to a cordless brand, you are committed indeed haha

    John S


    I have been a bosch user since day one

    After having their tools more and more are needing repair right out of the box

    The impactors are crap have two dead ones less then three years old

    Nail gun needed repair right out of the box
    Plus even though I had it repaired on warranty bosch has no record of me registering it

    BOTH power box radios needed repair

    The deluxe model they sent back refusing to seal
    It citing advertising saying it is dust resistant not proof

    Meanwhile the pb360s is weather sealed and yet my deluxe model can’t even be used in the saw room as a saw or dust gets inside and it acts all funny

    I own 36 v tools the four piece which they no longer sell

    Only the hammer drill needed repair

    After having them try to have me upgrade my pb260d
    To and pb360s ( it’s a downgrade btw)

    And then refusing to seal it again citing advertising
    Dust resistant not proof

    I am now looking at milwaukee for my cordless tools

    But sounds to me like I’ll be jumping one rat ship for another

    I think makita will doing something new soon and don’t want to get on the ass end of their line

    If anyone’s looking for a bunch of bosch tools

    I’m selling mine feel free to make an offer


    Welcome Ted, thanks for adding your thoughts. Sounds like you have had some tough Bosch experiences of late, but can’t say I can totally relate. One thing to keep in mind is that BTP is all about sharing experiences like these but is not a marketplace of sorts to sell tools. See http://bethepro.com/forum-terms-of-use-rules/ for more info on various rules and whatnot! There is also an FAQ section as well: http://bethepro.com/bethepro-frequently-asked-questions/

    John S


    Well I think that Ted did a good job of sharing his experience with power tools. I don’t think that I’d come down on him for the last sentence. I think it was made out of frustration.

    Mark E.

    Pioneer, CA

    Working Pro 1972 - 2015
    Member since Jan 22, 2013

    Calgary, Alberta

    I’ve had a good experience with my Bosch stuff – quite a lot of it including the basic powerbox and haven’t had to claim a warranty yet. I’ve always been interested in Metabo – they have a really different spot in the market here, not a lot of them around really, I’ve only seen the concrete grinder at a few places around here.


    I have had no issues with my Bosch tools. Milwaukee, however, has been a different story — every Milwaukee tool I have owned has had issues and I either had to return it or get it repaired under warranty — some users have no issues with them, but I really look to Milwaukee last when it comes to power tools based on my experiences. Bosch and Festool have been flawless.

    Orange County, CA


    Oh, and my Hilti stuff has been awesome too.

    Orange County, CA

    Foam Lake, SK

    I like it all. They all have good and bad. My makita cordless tools have been flawless and the warranty on the batteries is out of this world. The lxt tool options have always been strong and plentiful.

    My bosch sander can’t be beat I don’t think, and that’s compared to the festool at 2x the money.

    The festool vac has peaked my interest. It looks to be a winner.

    Oh, and I love my new bosch jig saw. I almost held out for the festool carvex but I am happy with my bosch.

    Brad T
    Self employed Pro since 2014!!

    Saint Francis, WI

    I am not seeing a whole lot of mention of Milwaukee tool on here but I think they are a serious contender. I don’t have enough experience with Festool to weigh in but from everything I have seen they are TNT Dynamite.

    Honolulu,, Hi.

    Mark – there are a couple other people who really like the LXT makita line as well. I assume that is what you have?

    I’m shocked that Makita was not in the line up? By the way JohnS what of those 4 co. you listed are going to cut these glue lam beams?

    I don’t think that I’d come down on him for the last sentence

    And they wonder why there are so few people posting


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    I had the Hilti SFH 22v combi drill, i sold it and got the Festool DRC 18v. It has about the same power as the Hilti but is a lot smaller and lighter..


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