Bosch GSA18V-125 multigrip saw

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    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    So I have been using this 18V Bosch multigrip saw for a few weeks now and I have mentioned briefly I am very impressed with it and have been using it more and more recently.

    I have a Porter Cable CORDED recip saw that I have been using for heavy duty demo for years, now this is the old Porter Cable when it made good tools before Stanley Black & Decker destroyed that brand. It’s been a work horse and still work flawlessly for the last 18 years. The only issue was it is corded. Along the way I had two other corded recip saw one Milwaukee one DeWalt, both bought after the PC saw and both died years ago. Last few years I added a Milwaukee 18V hackzall (purchased) and a Bosch 18V compact saw (redeemed) for lighter duty cutting in tight spaces (like plumbing and electrical). I mostly used the hackzall and the Bosch didn’t get used due to it being bigger longer heavier yet perform not as well as the Milwaukee, plus it’s shoe is not adjustable which can be helpful in some situations.

    But this multigrip saw is a great saw. It cuts faster and easier than my faithful PC corded saw which is impressive when it’s cordless and weights A LOT less. So far I have used it to cut thick cast iron pipes, nail embedded studs, angle irons, tree roots and branches, and it works great.

    So this weekend I had to cut a large tree root that is in the way of a series of fence posts I need to install. This is a huge root about oh 10″ 12″ in diameter, and it’s below grade. I used a 12″ pruning blade to make the cut after getting the dirt & rock out around the root. I couldn’t use my chainsaw due to the angle and there would be too much dirt embedded in the root and it would have dulled the chain in no time and probably kick up dirt in all directions.

    So out come the Bosch saw and it went to work, made the cut through the root in about 2 minutes – through the root, through some dirt, and there was a lot of sticky milky sap in the root that inhibited the cut.

    After the cut was made the front of the saw was fully of the root sawdust mixed with the milky sap, this is not something that can be cleaned off with compressed air or a rag. I took a few minutes to give it a first pass cleaning with a rag and a tooth brush (yes tooth brush) and this is after the first cleaning LOL.

    I then removed the adjustable shoe and cleaned that.

    Even then there was so much glooey saw dust packed in the well I decided to remove the metal collar. That collar has a spring inside and one of it’s purposes is to allow you to rotate the collet for blade insertion and release much easier, you just flip that open and it turns the collet. That collar is secured with a star drive screw I think a T15. Removed that with the collar out of the way I can clean the well much better.

    Took over five minutes to get all the stick stuff out with alcohol and GOO-GONE and some mineral spirit. Longer than the cut time through the big root LOL.

    I highly recommend this saw, it’s very light, cuts quick and run smooth, easier to operate, the only down side I find is in terms of storage. It has an odd shape, which means more storage space than a conventional straight saw, and it’s own hard case is way too big, wish they had designed the case without making room for charger and batteries – I don’t store one charger per tool case, I have one charger and several batteries in a separate case.

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