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    IN MY OPINION, the employees at my local home depot are clueless about the tools they carry and it makes me sad.<br>
    I feel like I could walk in there and ask them to show me the omts and they would have no clue what I am talking about. They take no pride in knowing their product and act like you are bothering them when you ask questions. I feel like it is like this everywhere now, no one cares about what they are doing, just want a paycheck

    They don’t know anything at the store I went to, I had to ask the lady where the OMT blades were and she says ‘A What? LOL. So I stuck my hand out flat and shook it sideways and said you know, The tool that does this! Hahaha. Ohhhhhhh she says, And showed me the few they have. What a joke


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    That is what I was talking about Mark. about 20 – 25′ of tools and accessories. a very nice selection. in the Minneapolis Metro area they are in Bloomington, Minneapolis and Plymouth.


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    Thanks Matt,
    I looked up my area on the link you provided. The Procenter in my area is at the HD that is the farthest from my house. I have a job down that way Friday or Monday. I will check it out when I am in the area.

    As far as the knowledge of the associates in Big Box Stores, I know from experience that they are trained in the priorities of the company. Those priorities are not always what pros would consider priorities. They are really geared to home owners and diy’s.



    We don’t have anything like that at the HD here. There are scattered Bosch tools and accessories through the tool section but no Bosch aisle. It would be great to see one here though!




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    As far as sales associates at the local box stores go; it’s pretty bad when my wife goes into the tool section looking for a tool for me and knows more about it than the sales person there does.

    On another note; i went to the Lowes store yesterday and they have an entire endcap of a Bosch display, drills, blades, drivers, spade bits, recip blades of all sizes. Best part was they had a video playing and Joe The Pro was talking about some Bosch tools! i was like sweet i know him! 🙂


    Colorado Springs, CO

    The Procenter site couldn’t find me anything within a 100 miles, of Colorado Springs, or 100 miles from Denver. Denver his a big city, I don’t get it. I guess Bosch doesn’t like all the pot smoking hippies we have.


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    Those hippies don’t spend money on tools!


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