Bosch 3.0 corded OMT grease

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    New Hartford, IA

    I have the bosch 3.0 multi-tool, it is less than a year old. When I use it for a length of time, it starts oozing grease all over. The tool is great otherwise. I couldn’t run a productive business without it. I’m curious if others have had this problem and what has been done to correct it?

    I did find this article on tool grease helpful to identify the right Bosch tool grease for my other Bosch tools.


    That is a bit of a bummer CRS! I haven’t had that happen to mine, but mine hasn’t seen nearly as much use as I bet yours has seen.

    There are some other guys here who have this tool – curious to hear what they say.

    Though we can also tag @boschtoolsservice to get some insight from customer service as well

    (more on that here: http://bethepro.com/forums/topic/important-how-to-post-on-bosch-power-tools-customer-service/ )

    John S


    I have one, but knock on wood, it hasn’t started oozing fluids.

    Mark E.

    Pioneer, CA

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    Yeah, that does not seem right — I would be taking it in to service before the warranty period ends. Maybe a loose seal of something.

    Orange County, CA

    Anaheim Hills, Cali

    I heard sometimes the seals like MrToolJunkie was mentioning, can get put in a little crooked and can cause a leak. Sounds like an easy fix.

    Indio, CA

    I think the answer will be NO, but just had to ask: did you ever grease it yourself?

    Sorry about the question, but just had to ask. Reason is, years ago I tried greasing a perfectly good drill – one of my first power tools. Like I said, I feel pretty confident you haven’t done it, but I ask just in case someone is reading this who might like to hear the answer. 🙂


    Honolulu,, Hi.

    Sounds like a seal on the bearing let go and it’s ozzing grease every where, not good at all. I bet it needs a new bearing.


    I’ve never heard of that on those, And yeah like above I’m sure it’s just a seal and since it’s less then a year old they should fix it no problem. Good luck

    Murray, KY

    Mine has never done that.I would definitely see about getting it fixed.


    CRS- have you talked to Bosch customer service yet?

    Colorado Springs, CO

    I wouldn’t have thought that an OMT had enough grease in it to leak any. Did it get misplaced somewhere some grease could get into it?

    New Hartford, IA

    Lol no I haven’t greased it. Never been misplaced, never loaned out.

    I haven’t heard from bosch customer support yet.

    Will try and get it in to get checked out this next week


    @kevin6 I haven’t heard from bosch customer support yet.

    Will try and get it in to get checked out this next week

    I think Kevin meant to call them… the tagging thing isn’t always super speedy FYI, though went they are able to answer they have been helpful

    John S

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