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    I recently converted my garage door opening from a front entrance (non-load bearing wall) to a side entrance (load bearing). I had a engineer design the framing/LVL requirements and pulled permits. All fine and dandy until I went to install the garage door. The rough opening was not big enough. Rather than get a new door/ find a person to cut it. Out of anger I notched out 4″ x 4″ section (to fit the rails )of the 8″ wide grey cinder block. (photo attached). The block wall I have is a red 4 inch brick wall tied to the 8 in cinder block. My question is did I severely impact the structural integrity by doing that? I was able to calm down the next day and with a level head I found a guy who could cut the door down and have since re-filled that section of block I cut out with concrete. My concern is that it is a load bearing wall with 4 jack studs all sitting on the 4 inch red brick. That red brick is tied to the cinder block wall and I cut out a section of it. The block wall is 16″ tall. Even though I re-filled it, it likely does not provide back the same integrity. Just to the right of the jacks I plan on drilling into the 8 inch block to add a stem thru the base plate and epoxy it in to further help tie to the two walls together. Any other thoughts/concerns? Yes, errors are made here, but this is the situation and want to correct. Thanks for your time. Photo is attached.

    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    Veneer brick in that situation is typically not considered load bearing. Your header should be supported by the concrete block and not the brick.

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