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    Sorry we haven’t responded on Instagram. I’ll have to check the account. Send an email to our customer services guys with the pictures of your issue and we’ll get that taken care of: info.usa@blaklader.com

    Also to everyone: if you are having any issues with your garments, the best course of action is the send an email to info.usa@blaklader.com or message us on the Blaklader US Facebook page. I always try to respond within a day.


    Awesome! Will send an email or FB message tonight!

    BTW Absolutely love the ads for the Blaklader woman’s line and the equal opportunity for woman to enjoy the trustworthy Blaklader brand.

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    @BlakladerUSA one issue i have with the pants isnt due to durability but with fit. its something that i have to deal with .. with other brands as well.. im a avid weightlifter and i have larger legs than the average person so i have a hard time finding pants that fit my thighs that still allow me to be able to move freely.. dont even ask what its like finding casual jeans with all the skinny jeans being sold now.

    has there been any consideration into making pants with wider legs in the existing styles, reason i ask i typically have to go up 1 or 2 waist sizes in order to accomodate my larger legs

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit



    For lack of a better thread, I thought I’d c&p these comments I made in another thread about the Blaklãder Work Kilt I got a while back here….

    Humidity makes you feel damp all day. You don’t have to move much to work up a sweat, even though it is not overly warm. I am looking forward to it drying out a bit.

    I despise heavy humidity. I actually got the Blaklader work kilt just to be more comfortable in that kind of weather. It is even better than I imagined for not feeling all sticky in the leg/crotch/waist area.

    It’s also great for when doing a lot of crouching down work like I had to do this past week building and cladding my shed entrance landing. I gotta say, I was really hesitant for a long time on getting the kilt, but now after wearing it on a half dozen occasions when I feel I would benefit from it I’m glad I got it. Highly recommend!

Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)
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