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    Honesdale, PA

    what design software do you use?
    How easy is it to learn, is it affordable?



    I use AutoCad and SketchUp. As I said in my article, SketchUp is easy to learn and it’s free. AutoCad is a different story though. It’s quite expensive and it takes awhile to learn it. I learned AutoCad in college and used it for 6 years working in architecture so it’s second nature to me now but it’s not really a program that you can just jump into and learn quickly like SketchUp.

    I usually use AutoCad to produce my dimensioned construction drawings along with my sheet good layouts and cutting diagrams. I use SketchUp for developing the design and producing the marketing and presentation renderings.




    Need to try it out. Sketch up


    I have downloaded SketchUp and watched a few youtub videos. I am sure it would be very useful, but I can sere there will be a lot of hours practicing before I am any good with it. It’s amazing that the software is free.


    Birmingham, Alabama

    We use “Chief Architect” and are very pleased with it. We tried ‘Soft Plan’ but didn’t like it as much.
    There are probably some free trial versions available.



    I also use “Chief Architect”. Has it’s quirks like any other software, but generally you are able to work around them.

    Mark E.

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    Anaheim Hills, Cali

    I use Deckworks plugin on the Vectorworks platform


    Vienna, Missouri

    Ive used sketchUP. It works pretty well for me. Chief Architect, looks awesome. Id really like to have that.


    Reviving this thread after hearing about Home Studio Design from Brad….

    I recently downloaded sketch up and have been trying to have some fun with it! It is also amazing how many other things people have already designed and come up with that are similar to what I was thinking… I am hoping to learn more about how to import their designs and modify them for my needs, but it is an exciting program (AND free)

    Not to mention Dan argues for the value of using SketchUp (or something) well here:

    John S

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