Bathroom flooring tile or vinyl floating floor

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    @hojo04 Porcelain tile is much harder and much better. I only use ceramic on walls.

    Thanks for the reply.


    vinyl is your best option if extreme amounts of water are expected, such as in children’s bathrooms or laundry rooms. Most vinyl flooring is very much a do-it-yourself job.


    Vinyl sheet, plank or tile looks amazing and are very good for bathroom flooring. But proclaimed tile will also work I guess.


    I had it installed a little over a year ago in my master bedroom, bath and upstairs hallway. It looks beautiful and I have received many compliments. Everyone had to touch it, they can’t belive it is vinyl.


    Flooring Coverings is best if you are updating your Bathroom. There are many benefits of bathroom flooring like it is cheaper than porcelain tile, easier to install than sheet vinyl, more water resistant than laminate, requires no maintenance, less painful, etc.


    We have used the LVP or LVT floors quite a bit they are not to bad, I much prefer real tile however

    We have used the LVP or LVT floors quite a bit they are not to bad, I much prefer real tile however

    Compared to the experience of your own home, ceramics rank first, then vinyl, and finally laminate.
    I will not be mistaken anymore and will definitely be my ceramic neighbor.
    You can even read his reason [/url=https://randzplumbing.ca/about-us/]here[/url].


    I suggest vinyl flooring is the all time best flooring. Also, it gets easily cleaned and maintenance is easy as compared to hardwood. But it also depends on climate and the environment that you live. Directly or indirectly it does affect the flooring and other things as well. But after all the things, consulting the professionals is a must. See here https://homequalityremodeling.com/ and contact the contractors online.


    Porcelain tile for the win if you’re looking for a durable factor. Of course easy maintenance too. Each has their own benefits but if you want the long term I suggest porcelain tile, so good decision you did there 🙂

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    I agree with Ron, it’s better to use ceramic for walls but the good thing about ceramic flooring is that it has a soft surface that is comfortable to walk on.

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