Basement Foundation Vertical Cracks – Help, Feedback and Advice

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    Attached is a picture of cracks in the foundation wall of a house we are looking at buying and for which we are worried.

    Was told the crack was injected from the inside, the cicles would show the plugs/ports used to inject into crack.

    We are also worried about the fact that there is more than one crack. Also, the plugs/ports are beside the large crack, wouldn’t plugs be put where the crack is to fill it with resin, polyurethane, etc…?

    We realy like the house but this is really making us worry.

    We will have it inspected but would appreciate any feedback and advice you can provide.

    Thanks in advance


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    I would worry!! I would pass on that one.. The concrete is failing!


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    Call a structural engineer and pay the price if you want to go ahead but my spidey senses say run away.

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    Is this at a corner , do you have any better pictures showing how everything lays out in the area?


    It’s in the middle of the basement wall, I only have a pic of the other wall but gives a good idea.

    You can see that the crack goes up to (or comes from) the right side of window (bottom corner).


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    Run. It will likely cost tens of thousands to repair the foundation….

    Is that money you’ll get back out of the home when you sell? If not, I would pass. (Personally, I would pass either way!)

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    I realize this is an old thread but those cracks in a poured foundation wouldn’t scare me. There are very good products to seal the crack from the inside. How do you think tunnels get repaired?

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