automotive light/dielectric grease

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    elmwood park, NJ

    Just out of curiosity…….

    I have a rear tail light on my truck the burns out every few months.

    I put grease on my bulbs by habit so I am wondering if too much grease increases conductivity thus additional heat burning out my light.


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    Tom M


    Burton, Michigan

    Not 100% sure, take a look at the bulb socket and see if it has burn marks where the bulb goes it. I could be the socket and needs replacing.


    The Emerald Triangle, Northern California

    From an electrical perspective, increased conductivity will not increase heat.

    What increases heat is increased resistance, which is commonly caused by a loose connection.


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    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    I would not think the greas would cause a problem, It does help prevent corrosion of the contacts. we use it on our snow plow harnesses


    Darmstadt, Germany, APO

    My neighbor’s car went through bulbs in one of the rear running lights almost every month. Since only one bulb was affected, we ruled out electrical surges.

    The problem was a loose socket. While the bulb had a good electrical contact, it easily moved in socket. A loose connection between the bulb base and the socket can allow the bulb to vibrate more than usual. This is not good for the filament and it can break when the right combination of heating and vibration occur.

    After bending the tabs a bit, the bulb fit snug in the socket and it’s been over six months since the last bulb was changed.


    Easton, Pa

    The grease won’t hurt. I use it on household bulbs. All outdoor fixtures, ceiling fans, and can lights. Those are the ones that always seem to be hard to remove. Not so with a light coat of grease


    elmwood park, NJ

    My rear cargo brake lamp as well. The socket even looks melted.

    That and the rear right never the left.

    Working Pro since 1993

    Tom M

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